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Offline Conversion Tracking

How To Setup Offline Conversion Tracking in Google Ads


Sometimes sales take place in the offline world such as in your shop or office. And it can be difficult to know were they came from. So, by importing these sales into Google Ads you can measure what happens in the offline.


This is after your ad results in a click or call to your business.


There are many benefits to importing offline conversion actions including:

⁃ It gives you a comprehensive view of which of your keywords and targeting drive the most cost-effective conversions. This can help you optimise your campaigns more effectively

⁃ Removes ads and keywords that aren’t working for your campaign and are bringing in few offline conversions. This improves your return on investment

⁃ Track information about your calls such as call type and value and tie this to the specific ad and keyword that drove it

⁃ Distinguish between sales calls and support calls and learn the value of each of them


How It Works

There are two types of offline conversion tracking and each works a little differently depending on whether you’re tracking conversions that begin with a click or call from an ad


Conversions From Clicks

Google Ads provides you a unique ID called a ‘GLCID’ for every click on your ads. To track offline conversions you’ll save the GLCID along with lead information you collect from the visitor who clicked your ad.


When that visitor converts by signing a contract for example, in the offline world you give the GLCID back to Google Ads along with a few other details. Then this conversion is recorded along with other conversion tracking data such as the type of conversion and when it happened.


Conversions From Calls

Importing calls requires Google Forwarding Numbers which are available in certain countries. This conversion tracking tracks calls that are the result of taps on mobile ads as well as calls that come through the website after a visitor clicks a desktop ad.


Importing call conversions into Google Ads helps you know which of your ads and keywords result in the most sales calls for your business.

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