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Professional Google Ads for Media

Working in the Media industry is fast-paced and notoriously competitive. Get ahead with Google Ads and reach the right clients every time.

When you have a media business, your results are wholly dependent on the number of people you can get to engage with your content. In the UK, there are a large number of media corporations that dominate the market, and this makes it harder for smaller or independent outlets to get the coverage they deserve. If you are looking for a better way to advertise, then Google Ads is the perfect solution. Whether you have tried them in the past without success or never tried them before, I am here to help you get the results you are looking for so that you can grow your following and achieve success.

Why Do Google Ads for Media Work?

No matter what type of media business you have, getting the right views and engagement is critical to your success. Generic advertising targets large audiences, but if they are not interested in what you have to offer, then you will be wasting your ad budget on something this is not appropriate.


Google Ads offers the ability to target a specific demographic so that your work can reach the right audience and gain the traction it deserves. However, Google Ads can be hard to navigate if you want targeted results as there are just so many options – that’s where I come in! As a Google Premier Partner, I can work with you to reach the right people so that your ad budget gets spent on the right people every time.

Where Are Google Ads Displayed

If you are interested in Google Ads but worry that they won’t be visible enough to make an impact, then don’t worry! Google display ads are shown on over two million websites, which account for 90% of all visits to the internet!

In addition to search ads and display ads, Google Ads are also offered on mobile apps and YouTube, allowing you to reach even more people in the most targeted way. By using data and analytics, I will create you an ad campaign that delivers the traffic you need.

Why Choose My Service?

When you choose to partner with me for your Google Ads needs, you are getting access to 12 years of Google Ads expertise and PPC knowledge that will elevate your reach the way you need it to. I find that many businesses attempt to go it alone with Google Ads but end up spending more than they’d want and achieve poor results.


I am committed to providing you with the very best service so that every ad we create will produce the results that will help to grow your media business. When you get in touch and arrange an initial discussion, we will start by planning your Google Ads in a way that delivers results and provides you with a cost-effective marketing solution. Call now, and let’s get started on your route to success!

Connect With Me Today

If you like the sound of getting support with your Google Ads, then why not connect with me today? I would love the opportunity to create ads for your business that will convert into more sales and new customers. Call me today, and let’s make a plan.

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