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Professional Google Ads for Technology

Tired of trying to sell your technology products and not getting the interest you need? Let me show you how to use Google Ads to turn things around.

Technology is the industry with the biggest growth and largest demand purely because businesses and consumers want to get access to the quickest and easiest ways of achieving success. If you are a technology business looking to access a wider audience, then Google Ads is the obvious choice.

Why You Need Google Ads for Technology

Google Ads is a marketing tool that helps you to target the right audience and drive them to your website so that they can engage with your products. You simply decide what you want your ad to look like, select the demographic that you want to appeal to and create the Google Ad.



Sounds simple, doesn’t it? Many businesses use Google Ads because it offers a simple solution, but in reality, if you don’t have the experience of working with this advertising system, then you may end up paying more than you want and getting very little in return. Rather than doing it this way, why not choose to work with a Google Ads expert like me to get your ad to work hard for you and achieve the results you’ve been dreaming of.

Why You Need a Google Premier Partner

It’s easy to believe that a system that appears to be that simple to use wouldn’t need any third-party support, but the great thing about Google Ads is that beneath the simple exterior lies a complex programme that wants to get you results.



When you work with me, you will get access to someone with over 12 years experience of working with Google Ads in the technology sector and who knows how to create ads that produce the results you are keen to see. Plus, when you learn that I have worked with advertising budgets of up to £2 million over the years, then you will get an idea of how well received my work has been to date.

The Places Your Ads Will Be Displayed

One thing I am asked a lot about is where the completed ads will be displayed and whether it is worth spending money on this form of advertising. Google search and display adverts are shown on over two million websites that cover over 90% of all internet use! Plus, you can add in YouTube adverts with Google Ads and even mobile app advertising so that you can be confident that your brand message will reach as many people as possible.

If you like the sound of getting the targeted support you need to make a Google Ad that will deliver, then I would love to hear from you. All you need to do is get in touch to arrange an initial meeting, and we can plan your ad campaign for the right audience before I get to work! Call me today to get started – your technology business will be busier than ever before!

Connect with Me

If you want to find out more bout how I can support you or you are ready to work together, then connect with me today and arrange an initial appointment to discuss your needs and the outcomes you want to achieve. I am committed to ensuring that Google Ads delivers the success you need, so call me now and let’s get to work.

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