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Top Binary Signals is an investment and management asset firm with a wide client base across the world.

Invest Firm Case Study



The Challenge

Despite launching an SEO campaign to increase rankings for their major keywords, they were seeing little ROI for their effort and their agency wasn’t producing the results. So they 0.engaged us and we launched a new adwords account to bring in more leads and increase traffic volumes.
One of the challenges is that they were targeting over 40 countries across the globe with their PPC campaigns and this was spreading their budget too thinly. In fact, after carrying out an audit of the adwords account and the acquisition reports in analytics, we found that some countries were underperforming for the key engagement metrics such as bounce rate and conversions.

The Solution

The first solution was to stop targeting the lower performing countries and focus more of the budget on the high volume countries and those leading to high conversions. We excluded them in campaign settings.
We also drilled deeper into the search terms and using pivot tables we were able to identify search types that were leading to greater conversions and we created separate ad groups for these and increased their exposure and budget.

The Result

Although some high volume countries like the US have a lower conversion rate, they are driving most conversions and this has increased due to the increased spend for these locations.
Bounce rate has dropped below 32% for all countries and page views are up by over 20%

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