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is it easy to run google ads

Is It Easy To Run Google Ads?

Is it easy to run Google Ads? That’s the question many people who are new to pay per click (PPC) advertising in Google are asking. And that’s a reasonable question considering all the misinformation out there about Google Ads advertising.

The reality is that it is easy to run Google Ads and many people that are new to this platform have discovered that to be the true.

Of course there is a bit of a learning curve with some of the features. And also depending on the campaign type that you setup, you may have to go through a bit of a learning process to get accustomed to it.

But there are some steps you can take to resolve that. One of the ways to get over that is to get one or two hours of Google Ads training to get a good introduction around the main controls.

And you can read many helpful articles or a Google Ads blog to get step by step instructions on how to setup effective campaigns.

I’ve listed below some tips to help you get started


The Google Ads interface has undergone many iterations over the years. To see what the previous interface was like, you should create a Microsoft Ads account, which has still an outdated interface that’s similar to the old Google Ads interface.

The current Google Ads interface has been around for a few years and is proving to be one of the most intuitive in the PPC industry and for Google itself.

You can easily jump from campaigns to ad groups to keywords and more. And it’s a lot faster than previous versions.

Taking a tutorial will help familiarise you with the controls and easily do what you need to advertise effectively.


Campaign types

Some campaign types are easier to create than others. Some can be setup in minutes like Smart campaigns that only require a few details from you like keywords, locations to target, some ad text and a few others and you’re good to go.

Other campaign types like Search require some level of research before you can advertise. So you should do some keyword research and competitor research to setup good campaigns.

You will also need to set things like location and language targeting, bid strategy, ad extensions, negative keywords, text ads and more.

And then there are campaign types that require a lot of testing like Display and Video campaigns to get a good ROI. So, you’ll need to run some experiments and also include ad variations and  change some features as you advertise to find the best for your business.


Work with a Google Ads expert

One way to get you started effectively is to work with a Google Ads expert. That’s especially important if you’re still struggling to understand the features and need help getting started.

An expert will help you with things like keyword research, campaign setup and more. And finally they can train you so you take over the management of your campaigns if you need to.

So, this will help make advertising in Google a lot easier and profitable for your business.

Just make sure you check that they have experience in your industry and have reviews and case studies to show their expertise. And it’s better if they are a certified Google Partner.



I hope this article has given you a good introduction to Google Ads advertising and shown that it is easy to run campaigns and not as difficult as many people believe. Many advertisers are seeing the many benefits of advertising through cost per click (CPC) marketing through Google Ads and achieving returns on ad spend of over 300%.


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