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Marketing for Agencies: 6 Online Marketing Tips To Get Started

Online marketing for digital agencies is an effective way to reach businesses and people that are in the market for their services. However, many agencies do not do this very well for themselves despite doing it for their own clients.


Many agencies setup and launch marketing campaigns for other businesses and individuals and do that every day. But they often neglect their own marketing efforts until leads dry up and then they panic and look to get started and go through a regular feast or famine cycle.


So to avoid that as an agency and ensure that your business gets quality leads and enquiries consistently, follow these tips to get started. And if you have any queries, please contact me below to discuss.


1. Invest in Google Ads


Google Ads marketing for agencies is a good investment to target people and businesses that are searching for their services. It provides you with many tools and features to setup the campaign types that are most relevant for your agency.


Google Ads Account


These campaign types include Search, Remarketing, Display, Video, Local and others. Each of these is tailored to specific goals and bid strategies, so you’ll need to check them out to see if they are relevant for your business.



2. Review your landing pages


Review and analyse your landing pages to ensure they are well optimised to meet the requirements of your visitors. As a digital agency you should have landing pages dedicated to each service with well written copy and a good navigation. And you should avoid using your homepage as a landing page for your advertising.


There are a number of things you should do to improve your landing pages. Firstly, make sure that your pages load quickly on all devices. And you can use the PageSpeed Insights tool to check how fast your pages load and take corrective action to fix any issues.


Also, check your Google Analytics reports to see what bounce rate your pages are getting. Bounce rate is the percentage of people who arrive and leave without viewing other pages. And it’s important to ensure your visitors are engaged by spending more time and viewing more pages. And you should work to reduce the bounce rate below 50%.


Bounce Rate


3. Conduct competitor research online


Effective Google Ads marketing for agencies includes carrying out research to see what competitors are up to in their campaigns. This research provides you with insights and reports to share with your team so you can create a great strategy for your agency.


The research reveals the actual keywords and search terms they are appearing for and how much they pay on average. And a platform like SERanking will be able to help with this. It has a competitor research tool that you can use to carry out the research.


Competitive Research


4. Target people who are searching


As mentioned above regarding Google Ads advertising, there are different campaign types that you can setup depending on your goals. However, to target people and businesses that are actually searching for your digital agency services, then a Search campaign is the best for you.


And to get started, you’ll need to carry out some keyword research to find the keywords you’ll bid on. There are many tools that can help you with this but the Keyword Planner tool is the best place to start because it is free and is easily accessible in your Google Ads account.


Keyword Planner Tool


You can start by searching with a few keywords to come up with a long list of keyword suggestions. Or you can use your own website or a competitor’s website and scan the pages to find some keyword suggestions based on the page content.


5. Track your enquiries and leads


As a digital agency you shouldn’t have a challenge setting up tracking on your website, especially if you have a web developer in house who is able to do so. Or if you’ve worked with one before or know another agency or person that you may have worked with in the past on your website.


So, you’ll need to setup conversion tracking in Google Ads or your Google Analytics account. You can do this in your Google Ads account on the Conversions page and import any goals from Analytics if you need to.


Conversion Tracking



6. Hire a PPC consultant


Next, consider whether you’ll need to hire a PPC consultant to help with your Google Ads campaigns. If you don’t have a PPC specialist in your agency that can setup and manage PPC campaigns then you should hire one, and an experienced freelancer is usually the best option.


First check that they have experience working with digital agencies and experience promoting them. Also, if they are an agency or specialist, they should be able to show that they have experience setting up and managing their own PPC campaigns effectively.


And check if they have case studies and reviews and if they are a certified Google Partner.


Case Study


Now Listen PR is a digital marketing agency that offers music marketing and promotion services to musicians and major labels. They assist with digital streaming promotion, strategy and campaign management. They contacted me regarding their ads and needing help to setup a new campaign. I setup a new Search campaign which helped to increase the ROI by up to 300%. Read the full case study.


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