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Marketing for Architects: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Marketing for architects has a set of challenges that require a good strategy to reach the target market. These challenges include picking the right tools and platforms to use in the strategy.

It also includes setting the correct budget to reach those audiences and achieve a good ROI. So, to get started and meet these challenges and many others, you may need to assemble an experienced team or work with an expert with experience in your industry.

As a digital marketing expert for architects, I help many businesses get started with a new marketing strategy to achieve a good return on ad spend. Below, I’ve listed six digital marketing tips that you can follow to start promoting your business.


1. Invest in Google Ads

Google Ads marketing is one of the best channels for architects. Using a Search campaign, you can target people that are searching for your architectural services.

Google Ads Account

So, you can carry out some research into your market and see what the potential market is for people looking for architects in your location.


2. Review Your Landing Pages

Check your landing pages to ensure they are well optimised and ready to receive visitors who land on them. So, that includes both your free and paid traffic through your marketing efforts.

This is especially important for your paid traffic like Google Ads, because you could waste your budget if you send visitors that are unlikely to convert because of poor landing pages.

Make sure each page has well written content that delivers on the promise you’ve made in your adverts, if you run them on platforms like Facebook, Google Ads, Twitter and others.

And include a good call to action that gets people taking action and helps you to reach your goals.


3. Conduct market research online

One of the first things to do when marketing your architectural firm is to conduct some market research online. One of the ways to do that is through Google Ads as described above as you setup your account and campaign. And you can use the Keyword Planner tool in your account.

Keyword Planner Tool

This research will help you to set a budget to achieve the most enquiries and leads for your business.

And you should also check what marketing activity your competitors are doing. With platforms like SERanking you can check what keywords they are appearing for in the natural search results and also what keywords they are bidding on in their PPC campaigns.

Competitive Research


4. Target people who are searching

There are two main ways to target people looking for your architectural solutions. These includes pay per click (PPC) ads in Google Ads as described above and through the natural search results on

To appear in the natural search results you’ll need to do search engine optimisation (SEO) by optimising your website and also through link building.

Achieving high natural search rankings through SEO can take a long time. And that could be months or even years before you appear high in the rankings for your chosen keywords.

So, it’s important to do some PPC advertising in the meantime and even as a long term strategy. PPC campaigns are easier to control, though they can be significantly more expensive than SEO rankings. But natural results are harder to control and sometimes your rankings will drop and lead to a decrease in traffic, through no fault of your own.


5. Track your enquiries and leads

One of the first things you’ll need to do when setting up your campaigns is setup tracking. You should be able to track your website visitors and the different traffic sources you’re getting to your website.

Google Analytics is one of the best industry tools. It will track all your website traffic whether it comes directly, through a Google search, via an email link, a website referral or any other source.

And when you setup goal conversion tracking in Analytics you’ll see where each enquiry or lead is coming from.


6. Hire a PPC consultant

When you hire a PPC consultant with marketing experience helping architects, you avoid many mistakes that other architectural firms make. Because many advertisers try to setup campaigns without learning the process or without expert help, their results are often poor.

Of course it is possible to run a basic Smart campaign with little outside help. And you are likely to get some good conversions. However, it is not scalable and without advanced features provided in other campaign types like Search, your account won’t grow much.

So, it’s a good idea to seek help from an expert, particularly a Google Ads expert to help you get started.


Case Study

A9 Architecture contacted me because they needed help with their Google Ads advertising. They were running some campaigns that were not performing and conversion rates were low. I setup a new campaign and they achieved a 10% conversion rate. Read the full case study.


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