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marketing for automotive companies

Marketing for Automotive Companies: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Digital marketing is the best strategy for automotive companies that want to reach their audiences with online tools and platforms. This helps you to set goals and create campaigns that target your audiences as they search or browse websites and platforms that relate to your industry.

Getting started is easy and a relatively low budget is no hindrance. In fact many automotive businesses start with low budgets and continue to increase them as performance improves.

And the following six digital marketing tips will help you get started and promote your automotive business today.


1. Invest in Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the best marketing platforms for automotive companies. It helps you target people that are actively searching for your products or services. And you can also reach people that are viewing other content on third party websites that are part of the Google Display network.

Google Ads Account

For new advertisers, Google Ads has basic campaign types that help you to get started quickly. And you can launch these in under 30 minutes and start promoting your solutions.

But you can also switch to Expert mode and use all the best tools to help scale your advertising. Just make sure you take the time to learn some of the controls before spending a large amount of your budget.


2. Review your landing pages

Driving high quality traffic to your website is very important, but not enough. Your landing pages should be highly optimised to that traffic to ensure a great user experience and to achieve a good conversion rate.

First thing to do is test the speed of your landing pages on mobile and desktop. The Google PageSpeed tool will help you test your landing pages and provide you with details on how to improve them.

Slow loading pages lead to a high bounce rate and can still cost you a lot in advertising spend.

Also, work on your bounce rates and try to reduce them below 50% for all your traffic sources. And you can do that by making sure all the main content is above the fold and is highly targeted to what people have been searching for.

Bounce Rate


3. Conduct competitor research online

The marketing and advertising space for automotive companies is very competitive. There are many businesses chasing few keywords on Google and it can be difficult to achieve high organic rankings for them. And it can be expensive to bid on some of these keywords in Google Ads.

So, it’s extra important that you carry out some competitor research to see what digital marketing strategies other automotive businesses are implementing.

SE Ranking is a platform that will help you with this. And its Competitor tool has many features to help you see how they rank organically and for which keywords. And you can see which keywords they are bidding on in their pay per click (PPC) campaigns and how much they are spending on them on average.

Competitive Research


4. Target people who are searching

PPC advertising has a number of campaign types like Search, Display, Video, Local and others. But the most effective marketing for automotive companies looking to run PPC campaigns, Search is the best.

That’s because Search ads are designed to target people who are actively searching for your products and services on Google and its network sites.

These searchers are usually highly qualified and ready to purchase and they will be further down the buying funnel. So, running a Search campaign in Google Ads will help you achieve high conversion rates.

Other campaign types like Display are helpful too, especially later when you want to raise brand awareness and run some Display Remarketing Ads to bring past visitors back to your website.


5. Track your sales or leads

Digital marketing for automotive companies is most effective when conversion tracking has been set up and is working correctly. This tracking helps you to see how your marketing campaigns are working by showing which ads and traffic sources are leading to sales, enquiries or leads.

One of the best ways to set up conversion tracking is in your Google Analytics account. And this tracking will help you track all your traffic sources like Email campaigns, PPC, Organic, Website Referrals and more.

To set this up, visit Admin in your Analytics account and click on the Goals link. In there you’ll see some templates to use to track your website visitors and you’ll pick the most relevant and follow the instructions to set it up.

Analytics goal setup


You can then import these into your Google Ads account for conversion tracking. First make sure your Analytics and Google Ads account’s are linked and you can do that in the Admin section too. When they are linked, head over to your Google Ads account and go to Conversions under Tools & Settings and import the goal.

Conversion Tracking


6. Hire a PPC expert

If you’re going to launch PPC campaigns in Google Ads, you should consider hiring a PPC expert. This will help bring expertise to your marketing efforts and will bring you much closer to achieving your goals.

However, finding the right PPC expert can often be a challenge. And the main challenge is actually finding someone that has experience setting up PPC campaigns for businesses in automotive industries.

So, it’s important to check who they’ve worked with, whether they have case studies or testimonials and reviews to show their experience. Also check if they’re a Google Partner.


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