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marketing for b2b business

Marketing for B2B Business: 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

If you’re looking to launch digital marketing campaigns for your B2B business, there are a number of ways you can go about it. First, you’ll need to start with the goals that you have, like how many sales or leads you need per month or per year for example.


And with that you’ll be able to choose the platforms to promote your business on. This includes free and paid platforms and tools like pay per click (PPC) advertising, search engine optimisation (SEO), paid social on LinkedIn and many others.


But it’s often best to start with one or two platforms that are relevant for your business and master them first. Then look to target your B2B audiences on other platforms.


I’ve listed here five digital marketing tips for your B2B business to help you get started and promote your business. And you can contact me at the end of this post if you would like to discuss or learn more.


1. Invest in Google Ads


Investing in Google Ads marketing for your B2B business is  important because it helps you to target other businesses that are searching for your products or services. And although there are challenges like which keywords to use, with testing you’ll find that this is one of the best channels to advertise on.


Google Ads Account


There are also different campaign types available to you as a B2B business and your choice between them depends on your goals. These include Display and Remarketing campaigns to target people who are on third party websites and those who’ve been on your website before.


But Search campaigns are the best because you’ll target other businesses that are actively searching for your products or services.


2. Review your landing pages


Part of effective Google Ads marketing for B2B businesses includes having well optimised landing pages to keep visitors engaged and converting. When people search on Google and other similar platforms they are directed to landing pages on your website. And here they should be able to find what they’ve been offered in the ads and make contact or purchase as soon as they arrive.


One thing you should look out for is how many pages they view and how long they spend on your website. And the bounce rate metric in Google Analytics will help you to measure this. This shows the percentage of people who arrive and leave without viewing other pages. A bounce rate below 50% is usually good and you should work towards this.


Bounce Rate


Also, check how fast your pages load. There are tools that can help you to see this. And they provide you with details on how to improve this on mobile and desktop and bring it below 2 seconds for all visitors. PageSpeed Insights is a good tool to use, that’s provided by Google.



3. Target people who are searching


As part of Google Ads marketing for B2B businesses, choosing the right campaign type is important as mentioned above. And the Search campaign is the most ideal because it allows you to target other businesses that are searching for your products or services.


To get started with the Search campaign type, you should carry out keyword research to find keywords to bid on. This will help you to create ad groups in the campaign where you’ll add your keywords and the related text ads.


Keyword Planner Tool



4. Track your sales or leads


The marketing strategy for your B2B business should include setting up conversion tracking to track your sales or leads. This can be done in your Google Analytics account if you have created one. And you can setup goals with one of the goal templates  in the Admin section to track them.


Analytics goal setup


If you’re focused on Google Ads advertising and just want to track those conversions, then you can setup conversion tracking in your account. You can do this on the Conversions page under Tools & Settings and follow the instructions there and add the code to your website.


Conversion Tracking


Also, if you setup goals in Google Analytics you can import these into your Google Ads account for conversion tracking as the screenshot above shows.


5. Hire a PPC expert


As a B2B business setting up and managing Google Ads campaigns, it’s a good idea to hire a PPC expert to help you with this. They will help you with keyword research, competitor research, ad copywriting, budget setting, bid strategy selection and more to make your campaigns successful.


But check that they have experience working with other B2B businesses promoting their products and services. And you can ask to see any case studies and reviews for past clients that they’ve worked with.


Also, find out if they are a Google Partner and are certified.


Case Study


Retail Response is a company that started in 2004 and has been offering IT service solutions to a wide range of retail businesses. But like many B2B businesses, finding the right target market online can be a challenge. So, they needed help setting up a Google Ads campaign which I did for them and since launching it they’ve seen a 400% increase in conversions. Read the full case study.


Get in Touch


Digital marketing for a B2B Business can be a challenge but with my help as a Google Ads specialist you’ll have a well targeted Search campaign. Contact me below to discuss further.


    I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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