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marketing for funeral directors

Marketing for Funeral Directors: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Digital marketing for funeral directors takes many forms online. There are many channels and tools to use and many ways to reach your target audiences with these.

Even small family run funeral homes can use these tools and they are affordable too. And often all you’ll need to get started is your website and then you’ll carry out research into which channels your audiences use.

So, in this article I’ve listed six good ways to get started with digital marketing for your funeral home. And you can reach out to me below if you need help with any of this.


1. Invest in Google Ads

Google Ads is one of the best marketing platforms for funeral directors. It provides you with different ad and campaign types to target your audiences on the search engines, on third party websites and apps, on video platforms like YouTube and many other places.

Google Ads Account

So, you’ll be able to use Search, Display, Smart, Video, Local and Remarketing campaigns to promote your funeral home.

However, not all of these will be relevant to you, so you should choose the most relevant for your requirements.

Search should be your primary campaign type because you’ll use it to target people that are actively searching for funeral directors.


2. Review your landing pages

Driving targeted visitors to your website and landing pages is important, but not enough. Your landing pages should be fully optimised for your visitors and should help to achieve a high engagement rate.

And this should be for visitors from all devices including smartphones, desktops and tablets.

There are many tools that will help you to review this and the PageSpeed Insights tool is a good one to use. It helps you to view page load speed and helps you with suggestions to improve it and other areas of your pages.

There are also reports that will help you see how engaged your visitors are. And in Google Analytics, under the Acquisition reports you’ll see traffic sources you’re getting and for each you’ll see the bounce rates.

The bounce rate shows you the percentage of people that arrived and left without viewing other pages. So, you should optimise your pages to help people find what they need and view other pages.

Bounce Rate


3. Conduct competitor research online

It’s a good idea to carry out some research online to be able to create impressive campaigns. Start by carrying out research to see what keywords other funeral directors are using and the ads they have. And check how much they spend per month on average.

A good platform for this is SE Ranking. It has a number of research tools and the one you’ll need is the Competitor research tool.

Competitive Research


4. Target people who are searching

Setting up a Google Ads account means you can target people who are searching for funeral directors in your targeted locations. Using a Search campaign you’ll carry out some keyword research to find the keywords that potential customers are using.

And the Keyword Planner tool will help you with this, with its forecasting tools that show you what the potential cost per click is and how much you’ll pay per month on average.

Keyword Planner Tool

Just make sure the search queries that you are getting from these keywords are targeted. If you find any that are not relevant, you should block them by adding them as negative keywords in the Search terms report under the Keywords tab in your campaign.


5. Track your enquiries or leads

An important part of digital marketing for funeral directors is to have tracking in place. This tracks enquiries and leads from all your traffic sources and helps you see which ones are working best for you.

If you have a Google Analytics account, you should set up goal conversion tracking. This will track your Google Ads traffic and others like Google Organic traffic, Referrals, Social media and any other traffic sources you are getting.

In your Analytics account, visit the Admin section and then go to the Goals section to set up your goals. In there you’ll be able to use one of the templates to set up your tracking.

Analytics goal setup


6. Hire a PPC consultant

If you hire a Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising consultant, they’ll be able to help you set up and manage effective campaigns for your funeral home. And they’ll carry out research to find the right keywords to bid on that will drive long and short tail searches that are most likely to convert.

However you should check that they have experience working with other funeral directors. Check any case studies and reviews they have and if it’s Google Ads you need help with, check if they’re a Google Partner.


Case Study

Ivan Fisher is an independent funeral home that contacted me to help them set up a new campaign after they’d seen low performance from previous campaigns. The campaign I set up helped to reduce the average cost per click below £1. And the click through rate increased by 150%. Read the full case study.


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