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Marketing for Professional Services: 5 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Digital marketing and advertising for professional services and similar businesses has some benefits and challenges for companies in these sectors. So that means creating a strategy before launching is important because that helps you pick the right tools and platforms.


Whether you’re an accountant, lawyer, architect, consultant or any other professional service, you can get started easily. Creating your goals or objectives first is important. And that helps you set your budgets when you pick the platforms you want to promote your business on.


So, I’ve put this article together to help you get started today. I’ve listed some of the most important tactics to implement and you’re welcome to reach out to me below if you need more information.


1. Invest in Google Ads


You should consider investing in Google Ads to promote your professional service business. Using the tools in this platform, you’ll be able to easily reach your targeted audiences as they search on Google or browse closely related websites that are part of the Google Display network.


Google Ads Account


Google Ads has many campaign types that you can create. Of course not all will be relevant for you and your choice between them will depend on your goals.


For example, if you want to run a direct response campaign to target people searching for your services, then a Search campaign is what you need.


And if you want to retarget people that have been on your website before, then a Remarketing campaign is what you’ll need.


2. Review your landing pages


Next, you should review your landing pages to make sure that they are optimised and well targeted for your visitors. As people arrive from your ads and various traffic sources, make sure they are completing the actions that are important for your business.


Check your metrics in Google Analytics to see how engaged visitors are and how long they spend on your website. A good metric to monitor is bounce rate because it shows the percentage of people who arrive and leave without viewing other pages on your website.


Bounce Rate


Also, use a tool like Hotjar to record visitors that arrive on your website. This records the visitors sessions and you can see which content they focus on and which pages they visit after they’ve landed on your website.


3. Conduct competitor research online


There are marketing research tools for professional services businesses to see what strategies their competitors are doing. These tools help you to see what actions they are taking for their search engine optimisation (SEO) and PPC efforts.


A platform I use often is SERanking which provides affordable tools that you can use to research your competitors. It has a good competitor research tool that you can use, that provides you with in-depth reports on how much other professional businesses are spending in their PPC campaigns.


Competitive Research


4. Track your enquiries and leads


Tracking leads and enquiries helps you run better targeted campaigns that achieve a high conversion rate. So, when you setup conversion tracking in Google Ads or Google Analytics you will be able to see which ads, keywords, campaigns etc are performing and which aren’t.


Conversion Tracking


And you can track all actions that are important to you. This includes when people click or call from your ads and also from your landing pages. And that includes tracking form submissions on your website and also lead forms on your ads.


5. Hire a PPC consultant


Running Google Ads is an effective marketing tactic for professional services companies to promote their solutions. However, there are some challenges and these include finding a skilled person or agency to setup and manage pay per click (PPC) campaigns.


An affordable way to implement this is by working with a PPC consultant with experience working with professional services.


But, if you hire a PPC consultant, first check that they have experience and have case studies and reviews to prove it. Also, check what experience they have with Google Ads and if they are a Google Partner or not.


Case Study


MBS Accountants is a different type of accountancy business. They help their clients to thrive, and working with clients that have a turnover of at least £100k, they have developed great expertise in this area. However, they needed help with their campaigns because they were targeting the wrong audiences. I set up a new Search campaign that achieved conversion rates of up to 12%. Read the full case study.


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