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Marketing for Recruitment: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Digital marketing for your recruitment business will help you target job seekers online and all other audiences that are relevant to you. There are a wide range of tools and platforms to choose from and you can get started in minutes.

As a recruitment business, you’ll also find there are many competitors in your locations especially when you launch digital ads. So, you should have a plan in place to ensure that you achieve your goals without spending huge amounts.

In this article, I’ve listed digital marketing tips for your recruitment firm to implement, that will help you achieve your goals. And you are welcome to reach out to me below at the end of this article if you have any questions or comments.


1. Invest in Google Ads

Marketing for recruitment companies should include setting up and launching pay per click (PPC) campaigns in Google Ads. This helps you to target job seekers that are actively searching on Google and its partner websites and for companies looking for your services.

Google Ads Account

There are many campaign types you can test and run in Google Ads. These include Search, Display, Remarketing, Local, Video and others.

Your choice of campaign types to run will depend on your goals. Search is the most popular and most relevant for recruitment businesses and it will be important to have this. And you can also run a Display Remarketing campaign to bring people back to your website.


2. Review your landing pages

One of the first thing to do when marketing your recruitment business, is to review your landing pages. A web usability expert could help with this or a web developer with marketing experience can help with this too.

However, there are free tools and platforms to help you assess your website and landing pages. A good one is PageSpeed by Google that checks the loading times of your pages and identifies any issues and helps you to fix them.

Another platform to help you with reviewing your landing pages is Google Analytics. In your Acquisition and Behaviour reports you can see metrics like bounce rate and pages per session, which show how engaged your visitors are. If bounce rates are high, like over 80%, you should improve them by optimising your pages with targeted content, fast loading pages and placing the most important content above the fold, especially for mobile visitors.

Bounce Rate


3. Conduct competitor research online

One of the ways to run effective marketing campaigns for a recruitment business is to carry out research into competitors. This research should help you see what they spend on average on their digital campaigns and where and how they appear.

SERanking is one of the best platforms that can help you with competitor research. With its Competitor tool you’ll be able to see what keywords they rank for organically and what positions they have on average.

Competitive Research

And for PPC advertising you’ll be able to see what keywords they are bidding on and how they rank for them on average. And the reports will reveal the actual ads they are running and how much they spend per month on average.


4. Target people who are searching

As mentioned above, running Google Ads campaigns is an effective way to target your audiences online. And there are different campaign types to choose from.

However, because budgets are often highly constrained when recruitment businesses are just launching their campaigns, therefore it’s important to be highly focused. So, that means setting up campaign types that will bring in the best results.

The best in this case is a Search campaign type because it allows you to only target people who are actively searching for a recruitment business. And because of that, conversion rates tend to be much higher than other campaign types.


5. Track your enquiries or leads

Tracking your leads and enquiries is one of the first things to do before you launch your advertising campaigns. This will help you to see how your ads are performing for the leads and enquiries that your business gets.

So, you should set up conversion tracking in Google Ads and also goal tracking in Google Analytics. In Google Ads you’ll be able to track when people call from your ads or website and for all form submissions.

Conversion Tracking

In Google Analytics you can track all leads from your contact forms or when people register, signup, download or any other action. And there are multiple templates to choose from when you create your goals in the Admin section.

Analytics goal setup


6. Hire a PPC consultant

A PPC marketing campaign for a recruitment company in Google Ads is one of the best ways to target your audiences as discussed above. And it’s usually best to work with a PPC expert that has experience setting up, monitoring and managing recruitment campaigns.

But you should check they have experience in this area first. Ask to see some reviews and case studies and check if they are certified and have achieved Google Partner status.


Get in Touch

I have a lot of experience setting up and managing marketing campaigns for recruitment businesses. I’d be happy to discuss your requirements. Please contact me below to discuss your plans.

    I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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