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Marketing for SaaS: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Marketing for your SaaS business should start with creating a strategy that will help you easily target people or businesses that are most likely to convert into customers.

This should include both those who are searching and those who may be interested when you make them aware of your services.

There are many digital marketing tools and platforms that will help you with this. And your choice will depend on a number of factors like your goals and budgets and so on.

Follow the digital marketing tips below to promote your SaaS business and to get started.


1. Invest in Google Ads

One of the best marketing platforms for a SaaS business is Google Ads. It allows you to target individuals or businesses that are searching for your services.

Google Ads Account

There are different campaign types in Google Ads and if you’re new to it, then you can start with a basic Smart campaign. This campaign type is for advertisers that want to set and forget, and allow the machine learning system to make all campaign decisions.

But if you want more control and to grow your business faster then you need a more advanced campaign type like Search that is easily scalable.


2. Review Your Landing Pages

Whatever marketing channels or platforms you use, whether online or offline, your website and landing pages are key to achieving your goals. This is especially important for SaaS businesses more than other business types, because website conversions are important.

Make sure that your most important content is above the fold and clearly visible when people land on your pages. And this should include a good call to action that is well positioned to get your visitors to signup quickly.

On mobile, all your pages should load quickly to keep visitors engaged and not leaving in frustration. You can test this on the Google Developer site and follow the instructions there to improve speed and responsiveness.

Also check metrics like bounce rate in your Google Ads or Analytics accounts to see how engaged your visitors are. And aim to get your bounce rates below 50%.

Bounce Rate


3. Conduct market research online

To get started with marketing research into other SaaS competitors in your sector, you can do a Google search to see where they rank and what Ads they are running. This will give you an idea of who the most prominent are in the market and how well optimised their ads and websites are.

And you can use a competitor research tool like SERanking to see which keywords they are appearing for organically and in their paid listings.

Competitive Research

The paid listings will show which keywords they are appearing for and how much they are paying for each click on average. And you can see what adverts they have and what they are spending each month on average.


4. Target people who are searching

Search marketing is an effective way to promote your SaaS business. This is not just through PPC advertising on platforms like Google Ads and Bing Ads, but also includes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

SEO takes a long time though and you can expect to wait months for some of your keywords to reach the first page of Google search rankings. And you will need to do a lot of website optimisation and link building and other work to try to get your keywords up there.

However, the benefits of high rankings are huge. All this traffic is free so you don’t pay for it and that means the ROI can be very high. Your only costs are usually your time to work on your rankings or to hire an SEO expert.

The one downside is that it is possible to lose some rankings especially as the Google algorithm updates or as competitors come into play. So, this is harder to control compared to pay per click advertising.


5. Track your sales or leads

Tracking sales or registrations is important because it helps you to see which adverts, visitors and campaigns are leading to conversions. This information then helps you to manage your marketing strategy effectively and increase ROI for your business.

There are many tracking tools to use online. Google Analytics is one of the best and it’s a free tool that allows you to track all your traffic sources easily. And if you’re running Google Ads, you can link these two easily and get more detailed reports on your ads.

In Google Analytics in the admin section, you can setup goals to track all conversions. And there are various tracking templates to use and by following the instructions in there you can start tracking conversions in minutes.

Analytics goal setup


6. Hire a PPC consultant

You should consider hiring a PPC marketing consultant for your SaaS business if you are looking to run Google Ads campaigns. This is especially helpful if you want to run more advanced campaign types like Search, Display and Remarketing.

Just make sure you check their credentials and reviews and case studies too. And check if they’re a Google Partner because this demonstrates that they’ve reached a high certification standard to achieve this status.


Case Study

I was able to help Timeneye a time tracking solution to increase conversions by 26% and cost per conversion to drop by 18%. They help small and medium sized companies track their teams’ work levels and with the new Search campaign I setup, they realised an impressive increase in business. Read the full case study.


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