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Marketing for Training Providers: 6 Digital Marketing Tips To Get Started

Digital marketing for training providers is an effective way to reach audiences online to sign up for courses, training programs and so on. Using platforms like Google Ads, this empowers training companies with the latest targeting tools to reach people and businesses that are searching.


And one of the benefits is that many of the platforms are affordable and only require a small investment to get started. However there are some challenges too, like choosing the best platform for your business and learning some of its features.


But with the six tips I’ve listed here, you’re sure to get started strongly and reach your online audiences and achieve a good return on ad spend. Read and implement this list and reach out to me at the end of the blog post to discuss further.


1. Invest in Google Ads


Google Ads marketing is one of the best platforms for training providers. With this Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising platform, you’re able to target your audiences with the many campaign types and features that it provides. Although, some may not be relevant for your business, there’ll be many that will perform well for you.


Google Ads Account


There is a campaign type to target people that are searching for your training services, and it’s the Search campaign. There’s also the Remarketing campaign type to target people that have been on your website before to bring them back.


2. Review your landing pages


One of the important tactics to do is to review your landing pages to ensure they are optimised for the traffic you want to receive. So, ensure that the pages have targeted content to keep visitors engaged. This includes having a good call to action, relevant benefits, quick loading pages, easy navigation with good linking and more.


And check metrics like bounce rate to see how engaged they are when they arrive. If you find that the percentage of visitors that arrive and leave without viewing other pages is high, like above 60%, then you should take action to improve this.


Bounce Rate


3. Conduct competitor research online


Effective digital marketing for training providers includes carrying out research into competitors and the campaigns they are running. For PPC campaigns that means checking what keywords and search terms competitors are appearing for in their campaigns.


A highly recommended platform to use is SERanking with its suite of marketing tools. One of these is the Competitor research tool which shows you how much they spend per month on average. And you can see the range of keywords they appear for.


Competitive Research


4. Target people who are searching


As mentioned above, Google Ads marketing for training providers is one of the most effective online strategies to reach relevant audiences. And you can get started with a Search campaign and target people and businesses that are searching for your training services.


So, to get started with this, you’ll need to carry out some keyword research to add to your campaign. These keywords will match with searches that people do on Google and your ads will appear for them.


You can use the Keyword Planner tool in your Google Ads account to carry out this research. You’ll find this tool under Tools & Settings.


Keyword Planner Tool


5. Track your sales or leads


As a training provider running digital marketing campaigns, you should setup conversion tracking, one of the first things all advertisers should do. This ensures that you can optimise your campaigns correctly based on performance.


In Google Ads and Google Analytics you’re able to setup conversion tracking to track your sales, enquiries and leads. And in Analytics it’s known as goal tracking and when you set it up there, you can import the goal into Google Ads for conversion tracking.


Conversion Tracking


To setup goal tracking in Google Analytics, go to the Admin page and visit the Goals page. In there you’ll be able to setup your first goal using one of the relevant templates.


Analytics goal setup


6. Hire a PPC consultant


Before you get started with Google Ads you should consider whether you’ll need to hire a PPC consultant to setup your campaigns. This can help to give you a great start and then bring the management of the campaigns in-house.


This is important because many advertisers don’t setup their campaigns properly and that leads to poor performance. It’s important to start strongly and then improve on what has been setup and you can go back to the PPC consultant every few months if you need some specific help.


But before hiring anyone, first check that they have experience working with training providers. This helps to ensure they understand customer intent as it relates to search queries and keywords.


So, check they have independent reviews that you can see and case studies for work they’ve done in the past. And it’s better to work with a Google Ads specialist than an agency, mainly because you can work closely with them – and ideally they should be a Google Partner.


Case Study


Baby Academy offers online classes to relieve the challenges of parenting by teaching first time parents-to-be the basics. They needed help setting up new campaigns to target their audiences in the US, Ireland, UK, South Africa and Canada. I setup new campaigns for each country and this helped to increase online conversions by 200%. Read the full case study.


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