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Challenge House is where I have my office and they approached me to help them achieve higher rankings for their targeted keywords. They were beyond page 3 for the main keywords that drive high traffic volumes.

Office Space Case Study

The Challenge

Outranking property portals has been difficult because their SEO campaign was implemented incorrectly by their SEO campaign. Despite keyword research being undertaken, little was done to optimise the site and the backlinks’ anchor text.
They use these commercial property portals as part of their acquisition strategy, however they have been concerned by the high lead costs they’ve had to pay for this. Their existing SEO company wasn’t helping them to reach local businesses to attract

The Solution

We tested some PPC campaigns while we implemented the SEO campaign. Using the keywords we had optimised for SEO, we were able to see that the key engagement metrics like bounce rate and average time on site were impressive – and we used these to implement on-page and off-page optimisation.

The Results

Results have been impressive and they now outrank their competitors and portals for Bletchley and Milton Keynes keywords and have achieved position 1 for many of them.
We then turned off PPC campaigns and put more resources into the SEO campaigns. This decision was taken because of the limited range of keywords, which would have led to cannibalisation if we had continued to run the PPC campaigns.

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