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PPC for Healthcare Agency: 7 Tips for Exceptional Campaign Management

Pay Per Click (PPC) advertising for your healthcare agency is most effective when you update your ads, keywords, search terms and more regularly. This requires ongoing management to update your campaigns to achieve your marketing goals.


As a care agency running PPC campaigns, there are many competitors in your space as you advertise. And you’ll see this in your reports like the Auction Insights report that shows you who they are in your locations and where they rank on average.


I’ve worked with many healthcare agencies and I’ve come up with seven important tips to help you as an agency to manage your business. And you can contact me at the end of this article to discuss further.


1. Setup conversion tracking


The tracking of your enquiries and leads will help you manage your PPC campaigns for better results. And that’s because you’ll be able to see which of your keywords, search terms, ads etc are driving conversions.


So, to get this tracking working, you’ll need to setup conversion tracking in your Google Ads account and add the code to your website. You can track calls from your PPC ads and your website. And you can track lead form submissions on your ads and your website too.


Conversion Tracking


And, as the screenshot above shows, you can import goals from Google Analytics. First you’ll need to setup goal tracking in Google Analytics in Admin and use one of the templates.


Analytics goal setup


2. Add new negative keywords


To improve the keyword performance of your PPC campaigns for your healthcare agency, you should block searches that are not relevant. This will allow your campaign to only focus on search terms that are important for your business and maximise performance.


So, you should build a negative keyword list to block all irrelevant searches. And you can do that in the search terms report in your campaign and add them at the campaign or ad group levels. Or you can add them to a negative keyword list.


Add Negative Keyword List


3. Check Recommendations


The Recommendations page is a helpful page to help you optimise your campaigns effectively. In here you can see a list of suggestions to help you manage your campaigns and achieve your objectives. There are about 50 recommendation types that relate to your campaigns and some will be relevant but some won’t.


Google Ads Recommendations


When you apply or dismiss these recommendations, that will increase your Optimisation score. And it helps the machine learning system to send you better recommendations later, that will continue to boost your advertising efforts.


4. Find new keywords


A quick way to increase the performance of your PPC campaigns for your healthcare agency is to continue looking for keywords that are relevant for your business. There are a number of ways to find these keywords including using research tools and checking your reports.


So, start with the Keyword Planner tool in Google Ads to carry out the research. With a few keywords or using your website or a competitor’s website, you can carry out some keyword research and see the suggestions that come up and if they are relevant for you.


Keyword Planner Tool


5. Update bid strategy


The bid strategy helps to set the right amount to pay for each click on your ads.  Your bids can be set automatically at auction time through one of the automated bid strategies. Or you can use manual bidding to set a limit on how much you want to pay for each click.


Google Ads Bid Strategies


The bid strategy you select should be based on your goals and objectives. And as you manage your campaign over the weeks and months you can change the bid strategy to align with your updated objectives.


You’re also likely to see a recommendation to change bid strategy on the Recommendations page. This is especially the case when the machine learning system has found that you could improve performance by doing so. But check first before applying the recommendation to make sure it is relevant for you.


6. Do competitor analysis


Competitor analysis and research will help you to create and manage better performing campaigns in Google Ads. With insights on the keywords and search queries that competitors are bidding on and info on how much they spend per month on average, you will see a great increase in performance.


And I recommend a platform like SERanking to help you with this research. As a healthcare agency, you’ll be able to see what other care agencies are doing in their PPC campaigns.


Competitive Research


7. Consider broad match type keywords


Add broad match keywords to drive other searches that you may not have been targeting before. So, if you started with phrase and exact match keywords for example, this will restrict some searches that you could get.


You may also see some recommendations to add broad match keywords, but check that they are relevant before adding them. And as you add broad match keywords, also check for negative keywords to add to block irrelevant searches.



Get in Touch


As a PPC expert for healthcare businesses, I know what it takes to setup and run effective campaigns in Google Ads. And I’d be happy to discuss this with you and show you how I can help set and achieve your goals. Contact me below to discuss your requirements.


    I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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