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PPC Marketing for Lawyers: 7 Tips For Exceptional Campaign Management

PPC campaign marketing for lawyers, solicitors, attorneys and barristers is an effective way to reach targeted audiences and get quality enquiries online.

First you’ll need to make sure your campaign is setup effectively because no amount of campaign management will help you achieve your goals when it is not setup properly. So, you should make sure it is structured properly with up to 15 tightly themed ad groups and between five to fifteen keywords per ad group.

Next, you’ll start managing your campaign as you get traffic. And, I’ve listed here seven campaign management tips to help you get started and run an exceptional campaign.


1. Setup conversion tracking

Many advertisers don’t setup conversion tracking or they set it up incorrectly. It’s not possible to run an effective PPC marketing campaign for lawyers without information about which ads and keywords are driving leads and enquiries.

So, it’s important to setup conversion tracking as soon as possible. And you can do that in Google Ads or setup goals in Google Analytics. Goal tracking in Analytics is better because it allows you to track all your other traffic sources and see how they interact with your Google Ads traffic. And you can import these goals into your Google Ads account.


Conversion Tracking


2. Add new negative keywords

When you first created your campaign, you may have added some negative keywords to block searches that are not relevant for you. However, you’ll need to continue doing this with your campaign management and keep adding keywords that are not relevant.


Add Negative Keyword List

As a law firm, there are many negative keywords to add for example for words that relate to people looking for jobs like:

  • jobs
  • Career
  • Resume
  • And so on.


You should also add negative keywords for services that you don’t offer. For example, if you don’t offer divorce services, then you should add ‘divorce’ as a negative keyword especially if you have broad match keywords.


3. Find new keywords

A PPC campaign for lawyers should include relevant keywords to target the right searches. And as you manage your campaign you should continue to use the Keyword Planner tool to find more keyword opportunities.


Keyword Planner Tool


The Search terms report is another place to find searches that are highly targeted. So, as you look for negative keywords to block, you’ll also find searches that you haven’t added as keywords and you can add these too.


4. Update bid strategy

Part of your campaign management should include regular reviews of your bid strategy. As a PPC marketing campaign designed for lawyers, it’s usually best to start with an automated bid strategy like Maximise Clicks and then change it later when you have more data.


Google Ads Bid Strategies


You can later update to another automated bid strategy like Maximise Conversions with a target cost per acquisition. So, if you have had at least 15 conversions over the past 30 days and know how much you want to pay for each conversion, you can easily set a target cost per acquisition.



5. Check Recommendations

The Recommendations page lists opportunities that help to improve your campaigns. These are based on learnings by the machine learning system and are designed to help improve your targeted campaign and achieve your objectives.


Google Ads Recommendations


It’s important to take action on the recommendations to improve your optimisation score. So, you can either apply any that are relevant and discard any that are not.

The recommendations are listed in descending order from the most important to the least.


6. Do competitor analysis

You will find the Auction Insights report in your campaign under the Ad Group or Keywords tabs. This report reveals who you appear next to when your ads have appeared in Google search results. And you’ll see all the law firms that are targeting the same locations.

Auction Insights Law



The information here will help you see where you rank for Top and Absolute Top positions. If you find that your ads are appearing lower than you’d like them to, then you can take action to improve this.

One way to improve your positions is to change your bid strategy. Changing to ‘Target Impression Share’ will help you get more impressions from higher positions and this will lead to more clicks and conversions.


7. Consider broad match type keywords

When you first launch your PPC campaign, you should start with phrase and exact match keywords. This helps to control the searches that you get and means they are all highly targeted to your ads.

And you’re guaranteed that most searches for your services as a law firm are relevant and targeted.

Later, when you’ve built a great negative keyword list, you can add broad match keywords to target a wider range of searches and increase click volume and conversions.


Case Study

TQ Legal is a legal firm with over 20 years experience helping businesses and individuals with legal matters. They approached me to create new campaigns targeting four cities after the first Covid lockdown. The campaigns I setup helped to increase the average conversion rate to 10%. Read the full case study.


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