Pros and Cons of Hiring an AdWords Freelancer

June 24, 2018
By: Mike
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hiring an adwords freelancer

As an Advertiser there’ll come a time when you’ll need to hire an AdWords Freelancer to setup and manage your campaigns. This will usually be when you need expertise to improve performance or when you’re just launching your Ads for the first time.


So you’ll need to be aware of the pros and cons of hiring an AdWords Freelancer.


Whether that will be full or part time, you’ll should ensure you pick the right person to partner with.


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Finding and hiring the right AdWords freelancer can be a challenge. There are a number of factors to consider and getting it wrong could prove expensive. So it’s important that you take your time as you search for a freelancer and consider your options.


If you’ve decided now is the time to hire an AdWords Freelancer, here are some pros and cons to be aware of:




Affordability – the average AdWords advertiser spends about £600 on their campaigns. So getting an ‘AdWords agency’ to setup and manage their campaigns is out of their financial reach.


Agencies charge £86 per hour on average. And that would be a big financial commitment for a small business.


AdWords freelancers charge much less and the average rate is £30 per hour. So that’s affordable for many advertisers with small budgets and means they can still acquire the expertise they need.


Reduced Risk – you won’t have to hire an employee, which can save a lot of money and avoid legal challenges. A freelancer is easier to terminate and you can quickly move on if things are not working.


No lengthy contracts – you’re not tied to a lengthy contract with a Pay Per Click Freelancer. In fact, you’re unlikely to sign a contract with most freelancers so you can easily move on when you want to.


Creativity – working with a freelancer helps you to tap into creativity that will benefit your campaigns. The freelancer will bring creative ideas that they’ve implemented successfully on other campaigns to help you spend less and achieve a higher ROI.




Lack of industry experience – there are many good AdWords freelancers out there. However they may not have experience in your industry. It’s important to match up with a freelancer that has experience working on PPC campaigns for similar businesses to yours.


There are a number of ways you can find this out. This includes checking their reviews, checking their profiles, speaking to past clients and asking them what experience they have. However, the only way you can truly know if they do or not is by working with them and this is the challenge.


Relationship building – it’s difficult to build a long term relationship with a freelancer in many cases. They’re used to working on projects and not many have experience with retainer work. There’s usually a finality about working with freelancers and not many have the tools, systems and inclination to build a long term partnership.


Focus – a freelancer will be working with other clients. So they won’t be working on your account exclusively. The challenge with this is they won’t always be available when you want to speak to them and you may not know if they’re working with your competitor.



Overall the pros of hiring an AdWords Freelancer outweigh the costs. You will save a lot of money and work with an expert to make your AdWords campaigns effective. Just make sure you set out your requirements from the beginning and you both agree on the goals.

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