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A Step By Step Guide On How To Setup An Exceptional Campaign In Just 3 Hours And Manage It For Just 1 Hour A Week

By Mike Ncube

Discover how to setup and manage effective search campaigns in Google Ads, using the tactics used by the leading Google Ads experts. Whatever business, product, service or event you want to promote, you can do that effectively in just a few hours each month by following this proven process. This book is for beginners and regular users alike and anyone with responsibility for setting up and managing pay per click search campaigns in Google Ads.

Price: £9.99

What you will learn with this Book

Account Setup

You will learn how to setup an account quickly and efficiently and get some advertising credit from Google.

Budget Setting

This is one of the biggest challenges many new advertisers face. I’ll give you tips on how to set the right budgets.

Writing Ads

Ads should be compelling and effective to work. They should also be differentiated from competitors’.

Quality Scores

Quality scores show you how your ads and keywords are performing. Learn how to use this metric effectively.

Bid Strategies

Google Ads has at least 7 bidding strategies. Choosing the right one can be a challenge. You will learn how to do that.

And Much More...

There is much more you will learn in this book that will equip you with the tools to run an effective campaign.

About the Author

Mike Ncube is a Google Ads Expert with over 12 years experience working with clients from a wide range of industries. He is a marketing author, trainer and consultant and has worked with and trained thousands of businesses in the UK, USA and globally. Mike is a Google Premier Partner and has been a Partner since its introduction by Google over 7 years ago.

Mike Ncube

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Now you can learn and implement the best strategies to setup and manage effective Google Ads campaigns. With this book you have all you need to get more sales and leads for your business through Google Ads.

Price: £9.99

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