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Google Ads: How to Run Successful Ads & Increase Sales Or Leads

This guide will equip you with all you need as a beginner to setup and run effective campaigns in Google Ads. You'll run better performing ads than your competitors if you follow the ideas here and implement them.

So, whether you manage a small account with one or two search campaigns, or you manage multiple accounts and spend thousands each month, you will be able to apply the insights in this book to create outstanding campaigns.

You’ll learn the following:

  • How Google Ads Works
  • Is It Easy to Run Google Ads?
  • How Google Ads helps Businesses
  • What is a Good Return in Google Ads?
  • How long Google Ads takes to be profitable
  • How to Setup an Effective Google Ads Campaign
  • How To Set Your Google Ads Budget
  • Why Managing Google Ads Is Important
  • When You Pay for Your Google Ads Campaign
  • And much, much more…
Mike Ncube – Google Ads Specialist

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