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Google Ads App Advertising

If you want to get your app noticed by using Google Ads app advertising, get in touch with me today and find out how I can enhance your marketing.

Apps for mobile devices are part of normal life. Whenever we want to do something, we will generally look to see if there is an app available to help us to achieve our goals. If you are an app developer or your business has a downloadable app, then you will want to consider how you can market this to be as successful as possible, and general marketing may not always be the best way forward.

With millions of apps available across Android and iOS, your app is at risk of being drowned out by the competition unless you do something to get ahead. Getting your app in front of the right people is essential but having the right type of advert is also necessary.

How Does Google App Advertising Work?

Google app advertising is optimised to generate the types of leads that will convert to downloads of your app and in-app purchases. If you utilise Google Ads effectively, then the process will be streamlined, and your app will be advertised across a range of platforms, including Google Play, YouTube, Google Search, and Google Display Network.

Optimisation and bidding can be used to increase the number of people who download your app. Selecting the right bid will ensure users are targeted so that you get an excellent return on investment. Optimisation and bidding can also be utilised to target the behaviour of people who have downloaded your app. Valuable users are those who used the in-app actions and potentially engaged in the in-app purchases. Optimising for these users will deliver an even greater return on investment because you are more likely to have ongoing returns from these users.

Google will allow you to create your own app advertising campaign easily. However, this will be a generic campaign and is unlikely to differentiate you from your competition. With so many apps to compete against,  it is important to ensure you use the tools effectively to increase the likelihood that potential users will download your app instead of someone else’s.

Types of Google Ads

My Expertise in Google Ads App Campaigns

I have been delivering effective Google Ads solutions for over 12 years. In that time, I have seen many developments and monitored how the advertising world has evolved. As the market for apps becomes increasingly more saturated, effective advertising campaigns become more important and necessary for businesses to thrive.

My expert understanding of all things to do with Google Ads means that I am able to work with you to create effective advertising solutions for your business. Together we can deliver the right type of advert and promote it to the right people so that your campaigns are cost-effective and deliver an excellent return on investment.

If you want to find out more about how to utilise the power of Google Ads for your app advertising, get in touch today. 

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