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Google Ads Audit

Get an in-depth understanding of how effective your Google Ads campaigns are with an expertly conducted Google Ads audit. Find out more today!

Google Ads are an extremely effective way of advertising your business or services. They can also be quite simple to set up, meaning many people decide to go it alone and create their own Google Ads campaigns. The problem with this is that Google Ads are an ever-evolving platform, and if you don’t have the time to keep up with the features and the updates, your campaigns can quickly become outdated. This can lead to money being wasted because your Google Ads won’t be producing the results you expect them to.

Understanding Your Campaigns

It is very difficult to make something more effective if you don’t understand how it is currently working. For this reason, a Google Ads audit is perfect for when you have already started to implement your marketing strategy and want to make changes.

A Google Ads audit is a way of evaluating your Google Ads campaigns to understand how effective they are against your objectives. Once you understand where the gaps or the inefficiencies are within your campaigns, you can start to look at how to make improvements.

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How to Complete a Google Ads Audit

There are a number of ways an audit can help, and some are available as an automated tool. However, these will not be designed for your business and so are unlikely to be the most effective way of reviewing your current accounts.

Search Queries

Reviewing your search queries will highlight where there is wasted spend. This can be used to save money or to reinvest the money into more effective search queries in a long term campaign strategy.

Advert Audits

Analysing your Google Ads will reveal which adverts are high performing and which are not. This can be achieved by a combination of methods, including the click-through rate for each advert, the conversion volume and rate and the profit per ad impression.

Quality scores

Quality scores of your Google Ads will allow me to advise you on how to improve your click-through rate and the relevance of the adverts. I will also be able to make suggestions about how you can improve your landing page to increase the conversion rate.

Conversion Confirmation

By checking all of the existing conversation trackings in the Google Ads interface, I will be able to highlight any tracking that is missing. This can then be added to your website to improve conversions.

Why You Should Hire a Google Ads Expert to Complete Your Audit

If you are running a business, then there is no doubt that you will already be extremely busy. It’s probably also fair to say that you are an expert in your industry. What you may not be an expert in is marketing and Google Ads. That’s where I come in.

By hiring me to carry out your Google Ads review, you know you will be receiving expert advice. With over 12 years of experience and over £100 million of advertising spend managed, I am confident that I can produce the audit you need to ensure your Google Ads campaign are successful and cost-effective.

Get in touch today to find out how I can help with your Google Ads review.

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