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Paid Search Specialist

You have heard of a paid search specialist or a search marketing specialist – well, now is the time to find out the value that they can bring to your business!

If you own a business and are keen to drive more traffic to your site or you want to convert more visits, then developing a robust advertising strategy is the best way forward and choosing a search marketing specialist will make your journey even easier.

Many business owners find themselves feeling pressured to become experts at online marketing, but if this is not your area of expertise, then using a paid search specialist like me will also make your life easier and allow you to focus on other areas of your business as it begins to grow.

Paid Search Specialist and Search Advertising

When you choose to work with a paid search specialist, then you can expect them to offer expertise in search advertising. When used correctly, this is a highly effective way of driving traffic to your website.

Search advertising works as it places inviting adverts that have been keyword optimised onto relevant search result pages. This will increase your chance of developing fresh leads and converting these leads into sales.

As a Paid Search Specialist and PPC Consultant, I understand the processes and the algorithms that are essential for search advertising to be effective. Search advertising consists of a bidding process which allows your adverts to be placed in prime locations on search engine results pages. Bidding and the AdRank determine how effective your advert will be and what it will cost you to place the advert in front of potential customers. Knowing how this works means that I am able to give you the best change of a great return on investment.

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My Search Marketing Specialist Experience

As an experienced Google Premier Partner with over 12 years of training and expertise, I am ready to help your business become as successful as you need it to be! I have a deep knowledge of PPC, Google Ads and have worked with marketing budgets of up to £1 million throughout my career.

When it comes to Search Advertising, my knowledge is excellent. I will confidently set up and managing your search campaigns as well as set up tracking so that you can understand your campaign performance. I can also compete your keyword research and write persuasive ad copy.

My mission is to ensure that you can achieve the results you need without having to pay more than is necessary by targeting the right clientele from the outset. I will always be on hand for planning meetings and ad feedback so that you feel confident in the service you receive.

Why not set up an initial appointment today to find out how using a paid search specialist like me can revolutionise your outcomes? I’d love to discuss your project and share key suggestions so that we can create a plan that pays! Get in touch today – I look forward to working with you.

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