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Freelance PPC Consultant

Do you need some expert help from a freelance PPC consultant? Do you own a business and want to start using Google Ads but aren’t sure how to get started? Then professional assistance can make all the difference. Google Ads represents a useful marketing tool for your business. However, you need to know how to use them to their best advantage. It takes some knowledge and expertise to use them to expand your business’s reach and connect online with your target market.

Setting up a Google Ads campaign can be more complex than it may appear at first. There are many factors to bear in mind when it comes to setting up a campaign. Unfortunately, making mistakes can be all too easy, and errors can lead to the wastage of your precious marketing budget. Getting maximum benefit from your investment is key. That’s where using a freelance PPC consultant can prove to be invaluable.

Working with a PPC expert ensures that you will have a successful Google Ads campaign. I have worked in the industry for many years as a Google Partner and pay-per-click specialist. With my expertise, you can count on me to have all the knowledge and experience you need.

As a freelance PPC consultant, I can help to pinpoint the strengths and areas for improvement in your existing strategies. I also offer group or one on one online and in-person training so you can develop the necessary skills yourself. If you wish, I could even take on the running of your Google Ads campaign on your behalf


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Freelance PPC Consultant
Mike Ncube

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Freelance PPC Consultant FAQS

My monthly charges depend on a number of factors such as the amount you spend, how many campaigns you require, whether you require monthly management or not and for how long. So it differs from client to client and is tailored to your budget and requirements. My Google Ads services are affordable and are based on the value you will get from the work I do. Contact me for a quote and proposal and to discuss my Process.