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If you are looking for guidance as you create your own digital marketing strategy, or just need some inspiration, then download the following free digital marketing strategy examples that I’ve created for past clients who have granted full permission to republish them.
Each document covers the main strategy areas of market objectives, competitors, SWOT Analysis, Market Segments, Product/Service, and Promotions.

Mobile App Startup Digital Strategy Example

Download this strategy document example that shows the key elements for a startup mobile app that provides mobile payment solutions for groups. Use this example to guide you as you create a strategy for your business. It covers the two main objectives that this client wants to achieve within 6 months of launching and the 4 primary market segments they want to target.

Clothing Retailer Digital Strategy Example

If you are an online retailer, particularly of clothing and accessories, use this free digital marketing strategy example to guide you as you work on your own strategy. It describes the objectives they want to achieve and the resources that they need to achieve those objectives while meeting the needs of their target markets. Download it now

Tour Guide Digital Strategy Example

Download this document to understand the format of a digital strategy and as a guide to create your own. In it I cover all the essential points of a digital plan and it helps to make your business more efficient and effective online when implemented successfully.

New product Launch Digital Strategy Example

Download this document to help create your online plan if you are launching a new product and want to receive maximum exposure with your target market. It describes all important promotional tactics such as Online PR, Adwords, Social Media and Affiliate Marketing


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