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Whether you run an online business, internet startup, or a business of any size and are looking to create a successful online presence, then you need a digital strategy to help you make it a success. My free digital marketing strategy template covers all the key areas that you need to consider and it helps you target your markets effectively and realise big profits.

You will plan your promotional tactics like SEO, PPC, Online PR, Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing and many others to greater success.
The main sections of the digital marketing strategy template that you need to fill are:

• Where are we now? – Marketing Audit and Analysis

• Where do we want to be? – Objectives and Strategy

• How might we get there? – Marketing Tactics and Budgets

• How can we ensure arrival? – Control

Download my free digital marketing strategy template below, to create your online strategy and improve your performance and profitability today.

If you need further guidance, download some digital marketing strategy examples to help guide you as you create your own.

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