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Top Online Channels for Raising Brand Awareness

Whatever sector or industry you are in, whether Retail, ecommerce, B2B, services, or industrial and have an online presence, there are tips and channels that will help boost your brand in your market.
The internet has many channels and tools to help you achieve your business brand goals and some of these include:

#1 Online PR

Online Public Relations is one of the top digital channels for raising awareness for your products, business, service and even personal brand. Press releases are an important tactic for online PR and anything news worthy about your products or business can be distributed to online media sites through the use of sites like 24-7Press Release and PR Newswire. Online PR is most effective when you launch a brand that is unknown in the market and has a unique benefit that is not offered by competitors.

Online PR

#2 Display Advertising

Display advertising is an effective channel for reaching an audience that is not actively searching for your products and has little knowledge of your offers. You can use a wide range of creatives to promote your brands on website and app placements on networks like the Google Display Network (GDN). Google has partnered with millions of sites and apps around the globe through its Adsense programme and these placements host banner and text ads from businesses that advertise with Google Adwords.

Google Display Network

#3 Paid Search

Paid search is not one of the best online channels for raising brand awareness because it’s harder and more expensive to reach people who are unfamiliar with your industry in general and your products in particular. However, on a platform like Google Adwords you can reach a wide range of people who have peripheral knowledge of your offers and advertise your main benefits and demonstrate on your site how they can benefit when they click through.

Paid Ads Example
#4 Organic Search

With organic search, people are actively searching for your products or services or solutions to help them meet their needs. So it’s important to be ranked high for keywords that they are using to search and when they click through, your site should explain how they can benefit and also contact your business.

Organic Search Google

#5 Video

YouTube is the number one video site and a must to launch if you plan on promoting your business through video to reach new and existing customers. Video is unique at demonstrating concepts which are hard to explain like the functioning of a product and how it can help customers. It is also very helpful for positioning your business in the customer’s mind and highlighting your Unique Selling Proposition (USP).

#6 Social Media

Launching social media accounts and profiles for your brand is free and it’s possible to quickly connect with many individuals and businesses that are part of your target market.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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