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Google Ads Smart Campaigns

What Are Google Ads Smart Campaigns?

Google Ads Smart campaigns are the new default campaign type for advertisers on Google. They are designed to help you quickly launch your ads and promote your products or services.


And they allow you to leverage the power of machine learning that is powered by Google’s artificial intelligence algorithm.


So, this frees up your time to focus more time on other business tasks that are important to its running.


Smart campaigns use smart bidding to optimise your bids to improve sales performance, by using data from trends in user behaviour.

Smart Campaign Setup


Benefits of Google Ads Smart Campaigns:


  1. Quick and easy campaign creation – With a Smart Campaign you benefit from quick and easy campaign creation. In a few minutes you can be up and running and promoting your products or services to your target market. To get started all you need is your email address and website or Google My Business account. Visit and click the Start now button to get started.
  2. Pay for clicks only – Like Search and Display campaign types in Google Ads, you only pay for clicks that are directed to your website. This makes advertising with a Smart campaign highly measurable and you can see how much you are paying for each click.
  3. No need for a website. Use your Google My Business account – One of the major benefits of running a Smart campaign is that you can promote your business without a website. If for example your website is still being built or you choose not to have one, then that is fine with this campaign type. You can promote your business through your Google My Business account and create a profile that includes your business name, services offered, opening times, customer reviews and more.
  4. Minimal ongoing management as Google Ads runs ads for you – One reason many advertisers now use Smart campaigns is the time saving benefit. The Google Ads system makes all the bidding and search targeting decisions and performance updates. All you do is check the search terms report and if there are any there that don’t look relevant you can block them instantly.
  5. One dashboard to view performanceGoogle Ads Smart campaigns have a simple dashboard that you can easily navigate. On one dashboard you can see all the metrics that relate to your campaign and see how your ads are performing in seconds. Other campaigns in Google Ads have many dashboards, metrics and reports and many are not relevant to your requirements.
  6. Ads appear on all devices: tablet, mobile and computer – Your ads will appear on all devices to target a wide range of relevant customers for your business. Bids are automatically updated on each device to achieve the best positions for your ads.


Setting up a Smart campaign can be done in under 20 minutes. Follow these steps to get started:


  1. Visit to create your account
  2. Click the Start now button
  3. Select an advertising goal for your new campaign. You can choose ‘Get more calls’ if your primary goal is to receive calls from your customers. Or you can choose the website sales or sign-ups goal if you want to drive visitors to your website to complete a purchase or sign-up. If you want to send people to your physical location you can use that goal to promote your Google My Business locations.
  4. Choose the sales or sign-up goal to promote products and click the Next button
  5. Add your business’s name and click next
  6. Enter your website and click next
  7. Next, write your text ad
  8. Enter some keyword themes that relate to your products
  9. Enter the locations you want to target and click the submit button and your ad will be active on Google after the review

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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