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What Are PPC Landing Pages?

Pay per click (PPC) landing pages are pages where your visitors are taken to when they click on your ads. With most ad types in Google Ads and similar platforms, you’ll need to add landing pages to direct your visitors to, so they can complete the actions that are important for your business.


However, there are some ad formats that don’t require PPC landing pages like when you are running call only ads to drive calls only. And also when you’re running a Local campaign and promoting your Google Business Profile page.


But, landing pages are very important for most advertisers because they help to drive a lot more traffic and conversions. Most advertisers that run campaigns without landing pages are usually at an early stage of advertising or have very small businesses that just want to drive few clicks and conversions.


However, for larger businesses and those that are more established, dedicated landing pages are important. They help to drive people to pages that have the information they need to complete an action that is important for your business.


Why use PPC landing pages?


Having PPC landing pages means you can direct visitors to specific pages that relate to the products or services you’re promoting. This is in contrast to using your homepage for example, which will usually have generic information about your business and not be specific enough.


PPC landing pages also help you to focus on one specific call to action that is important for the campaign you’re running. So, if it’s to get people to download a white paper, your ads can mention this on Google and the landing page should provide the download.


Using landing pages also increases engagement and ensures that your visitors get what they are looking for. And you’ll see metrics like conversion rate, bounce rate and others to improve for your business.


PPC landing pages for Google Ads


As a PPC platform, Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to promote your business. And you can direct visitors from your ads to your website and landing pages by adding a final URL in your text ads and responsive display ads.

ppc landing pages final url

One of the things to consider is whether you’ll use the landing pages on your website in Google Ads or you’ll use dedicated standalone pages to promote your products or services.


There are pros and cons to both. The advantages of using landing pages on your website is that they are usually quicker to create and they also usually have more credibility because people sometimes want to check out your whole website to see who you really are. So, it helps to give them more confidence to convert. But one drawback with this is that they can easily get distracted by other pages on your website. And they can get pulled away from the main action you want them to complete.


Using standalone pages or a micro site has the benefit of getting your visitors to focus on one action that you want them to complete. For example, if you want to collect details and provide an investment service, this will help you to direct all visitors to that one action and nothing else.


The drawback to using standalone PPC landing pages is that this can lower your credibility. Quite often people want to see other pages to gain confidence that they are dealing with a real business. So, you may lose some visitors.


PPC Landing Pages Bounce Rates


There are a number of metrics that you can check to see how your PPC landing pages are performing. And these help you to see how engaged your visitors are when they arrive on your website.


Bounce rate is one of the important. It helps you to quickly see the percentage of people that leave your website without viewing other pages. And this is important in helping you achieve good quality scores.


Bounce Rate


Aim to achieve bounce rates below 50%. And there are a number of steps that will help you to achieve that as you analyse your bounce rates in Google Ads. Make sure your pages are well optimised and load quickly, which you can check with the PageSpeed Insights tool.


And a Google Search console account will help you to see if there are any errors, and you can work with your web developer to fix them.




PPC landing pages are a key part of advertising in Google Ads. So, it’s important to understand what they are and how they can help you achieve your goals. There are ways to advertise in Google Ads without landing pages, but that will limit the performance of your campaigns and will likely not bring the best results. So, understanding how to use landing pages as described above, will help you achieve great results.


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