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What Are Shopping Ads

What Are Shopping Ads?

Shopping Ads are part of Google’s advertising platform, that ecommerce sites and online retailers use to promote their products online.

They are also known as product listings ads and they allow you to promote your products to people who are searching online and looking to buy.

Shopping Ads - What Are Shopping Ads

Shopping ads utilise price comparison features that allow potential customers to compare your product prices side by side with others.

They allow you to turn traffic into sales. And these sales can be online on your website, or they can be offline in your store. They drive sales for your business by putting your product ads in front of millions of potential customers. And they help to convince your target market during their purchase journey.

People are shopping anywhere and everywhere online nowadays, and Google has eight platforms with 1 billion users each. So, a Shopping campaign allows you to connect with your potential customers in each stage of their shopping journey. The Google Shopping ad system places your product ads on the Google search engine and many other Google platforms as people are searching for your products.

Advertisers that launch Shopping ads see a significant improvement in conversion rates. That’s mainly because people are more likely to purchase when they see an image of the product they are looking for and a price. And if all looks good, they will click through and be more likely to purchase.

The way Shopping ads work is very different from other campaign types like Search, Display and Video. They require that you supply a list of products to Google in a Merchant Centre account which you’ll need to create along with a Google Ads account.

There are things you can do to make the whole shopping experience a pleasant experience for your customers including:

  • offer an easy checkout process on your website
  • Cart items should be saved for later purchases
  • Ensure your site has quick mobile speed
  • Provide business details like store address, hours open, delivery info, locations, in stock products and more.
  • Allow shoppers to buy online and pick up in-store



I hope this short article has given you a basic intro to Shopping ads that will help you to understand what they are. I also have many other articles that go into depth about what they look like, where they appear, how you can setup a campaign, how much they cost and much more. Visit the Shopping page to learn more.

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