What Does A Freelance AdWords Specialist Do?

June 24, 2018
By: Mike
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Freelance AdWords Specialist

More advertisers are working with freelance AdWords specialists than ever. This has many advantages including affordability, creativity, shorter contracts, quick turnaround and other benefits.


Finding a good AdWords freelancer can be a challenge though. You have to do your homework to find the right one and Search in the right place.


You’ll need to check their skills and experience. And check to see who they’ve worked with in the past and find out what they can do for your AdWords campaigns.


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A freelance AdWords Specialist can play a key role in helping you run effective PPC campaigns. Here’s what you can expect from a freelancer:


AdWords Account Setup


One of the main jobs of an AdWords Specialist is to create new PPC campaigns. This involves doing keyword research to find the search terms and phrases that people use to find your products or services.


The keywords they find help to determine the Ads that will be written and what budget to set. These two important factors determine the campaigns that will be created and the overall structure of the campaigns.


Each campaign will have one or more ad groups. An ad group is a collection of Ads and keywords that drive traffic to your website. And each ad group should have at least one Ad and one keyword for it to be eligible to run.


The campaign will also have other features like ad extensions, negative keywords and a bid strategy.



AdWords Account Management


A freelance AdWords Specialist also manages and optimises campaigns. The aim  is to improve performance and achieve the advertising goals. These goals can include achieving a set number of sales or leads or increasing click through rates and clicks for the Ads.


Whatever the goal, the management of the campaigns will be aiming to achieve this.


It’s also important that the AdWords Specialist has experience in reporting on performance. A tool like Google Analytics does all the heavy lifting and provides data in a tailored format to be able to understand how the campaigns are performing.


AdWords Training


AdWords freelancers also provide AdWords training to their clients. This is usually part of the setup and management services they offer or as a stand-alone.


If you’re working closely with a freelancer, you should find out if she offers training to help you understand AdWords better. This is important if you’re a digital marketer and have to report to seniors in your company or have outsourced work to a freelancer and need to update your client on progress.




A good freelance AdWords Specialist will help you setup and manage effective PPC campaigns. You can work closely with them during the setup to craft good Ads and do good keyword research. And when that’s done, the campaign can be launched and the Optimisation can begin.

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