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What Does A Shopping Ad Look Like

What Does A Shopping Ad Look Like?

Shopping Ads look very different from other ad types in Google Ads. You will likely have seen them when you’ve searched for a product on Google, because they are prominent in the search results for product-related searches.

As the image below shows, there are some features that make up a product ad, which are required as part of the submission of your products to Google.

What A Shopping Ad Looks Like


1. Image

Shopping ads are easily recognisable because they include product images. This is one of the first things you’ll notice in the search results and it’s also why they are so effective in getting clicks from people who are more likely to purchase.


2. Title

Also you will notice that they have a title, which is the name of the product. This is an important element of the ad because it also determines the searches that your ads appear for. So, your product titles should be well written and include primary keywords to help you appear for them. Clicking this takes you to the product so you can view and make a purchase.


3. Price

Another important feature of shopping ads that you’ll notice is the price. This shows the actual price that the product is selling for and when you click through to the landing page you’ll be able to purchase it at that price. Sometimes you will see an offer and you can include that in your products in Google Merchant Centre when you submit your product feed.


4. Retailer

Each product has a retailer and you’ll see this below the price as seen in the screenshot above. It’s one of the clickable parts of the ad which takes you to the retailers page. This is different from the title link which takes you to the actual product page so you can make a purchase.


5. Review stars

Each product that has been rated will have stars appear in the ad. And it will show how many times it has been rated in brackets.


6. Delivery

An attribute you may see with some shopping ads is the delivery or shipping cost. This is especially true for both free delivery and also retailers that charge for delivery. When this is displayed it gives people a better idea of what they will spend before they even click through to your website.

So, overall shopping ads include some very important attributes that make them very effective at converting traffic into sales. In fact, they have a higher conversion rate than other ad types because when people see a price and delivery and still click, it shows high intent and that they are in the later stages of the buying process.



These are the primary features of a Shopping ad and they are the most important too. Sometimes, a description will appear and maybe an offer if you have one and these will help you to sell more products.


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