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What Factors Make Up Landing Page Quality Score in Google Ads (AdWords)?


Landing Page Experience is one of the three factors to your keyword quality scores. It reveals how engaged visitors are on your website and if they’re finding what they’re looking for.


So, it’s important that you send visitors to the correct landing pages and that they are fully optimised to keep them engaged and purchasing.


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There are a number of actions you can take to improve your landing pages. And these include:


Fast Loading Pages
A fast loading page is essential to a great user experience. People won’t stick around if your pages are slow and take time to load. They’ll click the back button or close the website altogether and go to another website that offers a great experience. And you’ll have lost them forever.


Fast load times are especially important for mobile. With over 50% of searches now taking place on mobile with people ‘On The Go’, it’s critical that your pages load quickly.


Fully Mobile-responsive Pages
With mobile search now being so important, it’s vital that visitors have a great experience. There should be no distractions and delays as they browse on the go. And all pages should be responsive and easily navigable.


Having a mobile-specific site is helpful and providing an app will provide a great user experience. However, smartphones now have bigger screens and load faster and it’s possible to complete all tasks as you would on a desktop.


Bounce Rate
A bounce is when a visitor leaves your website without viewing other pages. So that’s considered a 100% bounce. You should aim to reduce your average bounce rate below 50%.


If visitors leave your website without taking any action like viewing another page, this will affect landing page scores. And that’s because it will lead to a high bounce rate.


This is a sign of low engagement. So you should increase it by sending visitors to the right landing pages and ensure that your landing page delivers on the promise made in the ad. Doing so will bring the landing page experience to ‘Above Average’ status.


Website Content
This is the most important factor to landing page quality score. The text and images and calls to action should all be aligned to the users needs and should fulfil the promise made in the ad.


Also, ensure that you include the primary keywords on the page. This includes in H1 and H2 tags, the body text and alt text of the images. Doing so helps to improve relevance and users spend more time on the page and complete the actions you want them to.


Landing page experience is an important Quality Score factor. It’s one of the factors you should continually work on to improve the performance of your PPC campaigns and increase conversion rates.


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