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what happens when someone clicks on my google ad

What happens when someone clicks on my Google ad?

If you’re asking, what happens when someone clicks on my Google ad, it’s likely you’re thinking about setting up a campaign or are just setting one up and getting started with your advertising.


Depending on the type of campaign and ad you’re creating, there are a number of things that can happen when someone clicks on your Google ad. I’ve listed here several options that can happen when someone clicks on your ad.


Text ad


Whether you run responsive search ads or dynamic search ads, when someone clicks on your ad, they will land on your website. This should usually be a relevant landing page and not the homepage.


So, as you create your Google Ads campaign and write your text ads, think about the pages that you want to send them to. These landing pages should relate to the products or services that you’re promoting in your ads and the keywords you’re using.


This is possible when you create Search campaigns, the primary campaign type in Google Ads. And that is also the case when you create Smart, Display and Video campaigns.


Call only ad


Another option besides someone going to your website or landing page when they click your ad, is to receive a call.


So, if you want to get calls only from your ads, then you should create call-only ads. So, when someone clicks on your Google ad you instantly get a call that you can answer. The click doesn’t lead to your landing page, but results in a call.


Call Only Ad


Sitelink extensions


Sitelink are other pages on your website that appear under your main ad. These point to other pages that could be important to your visitors and which could help them find more specific information that they may need.


Google Ads Sitelinks


For example, if they are now familiar with your business and see your business on Google as they are searching and see a sitelink pointing to your delivery page, they can go there directly.


There are many ways to use sitelinks including promoting pages like ‘About us’, ‘Discounts’ and many others.


Call extensions


Call extensions are another clickable part of your text ad. This is where you put your phone number and when people click it on their mobile phones, your phone rings and you can answer.


Call Extension




These are the key actions that happen when someone clicks on your Google ad. So, it helps to think first about what your goals are and then create your campaign and ads. For Search Ads when you’re bidding on keywords, people will go to your website or call you directly from your ads as described above.


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