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what is a good return on google ads

What Is A Good Return On Google Ads?

According to Google, the average return in Google Ads is 200%. That means on average, advertisers get back £2 for every £1 they spend running pay per click (PPC) campaigns.

That’s a good return on ad spend and is the reason why Google Ads is such an effective way to advertise online. In fact, this unique way of advertising targets people who are actively searching for your products and services online.

However, there are many businesses and industries that see much higher returns and up to 1700% and even more. This differs from industry to industry of course as described below:


Ecommerce Businesses

One of the benefits of promoting an ecommerce business in Google Ads is that tracking of return is much easier than other types of businesses. This is harder for example with B2B industries which have usually a longer purchase cycle.

Using Shopping and Search campaigns you can target people who are searching for your products on Google and they can purchase from your website.

Your product listings which show a title, image and price help to promote your products effectively and achieve a good return. And with your text ads in your Search campaign, you can highlight the benefits of your products and help to achieve a high click through rate (CTR) which will boost your sales.

So, the return on ad spend for ecommerce businesses is relatively high especially for Shopping ads which target people who are mainly in the latter stages of the buying cycle.

But, competition can be quite high for many ecommerce businesses and online retailers and that can have an impact on returns. It can often take months or years for these businesses to have highly profitable Google Ads campaigns as they build their brands.


Service  Businesses

A return of about 200% is a good start for services-based businesses whether in the B2B or B2C space.

Of course this covers a wide range of business types and this will differ widely, but achieving a 200% return will ensure that your campaigns are profitable.

And as you manage and monitor your ads you can work to improve this return and be more profitable.

Many businesses that have unique benefits in their services and have less competition are able to achieve returns of up to 1000%. Many of these are highly specialised, for example accountants that work with specific industries. So, specialisation is an effective way to achieve a high return on investment (ROI).



A good return in Google Ads depends on the nature of your business and industry and the level of competition you have. Having unique products and services helps and that makes it possible to achieve a high ROI. Aside from the return, you should also focus on the profitability of your ads.


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