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ppc conversion tracking

What Is PPC Conversion Tracking?

PPC Conversion Tracking is a way to track actions on your website from your pay per click traffic. These actions include:

⁃ Purchases on a website
⁃ Enquiries on the contact form
⁃ Submission on a booking form
⁃ Calls from the website
⁃ Calls from the ads
⁃ White paper downloads

These are the popular ones and there are many more that you can setup.


Conversion tracking is available in Google Ads and it’s a free tool that shows what happens when people interact with your ad. These interactions include purchasing, downloading, sending an enquiry, makes a call and others.


There are a number of reasons why you should setup PPC Conversion tracking including:


⁃ You get to see which ads, keywords, ad groups and campaigns are effective at driving valuable customer actions

⁃ It helps you understand your return on investment (ROI) and make informed decisions about how much you spend on your PPC campaigns.

⁃ It allows you to use smart bidding strategies such as Target CPA, enhanced CPC and Target ROAS. These automatically optimise your campaigns according to your business objectives. Without PPC Conversion Tracking, you’ll only be able to use Manual bidding and standard automated bidding strategies like Maximise Clicks.

⁃ Get information on how many of your customers are interacting with your ads on one device and convert on another. You can see cross-device data by adding a column for “All Conversions” in the reporting column.


Setting up PPC Conversion Tracking is pretty straightforward and you start by adding the tag or code snippet to your website or app. When a visitor clicks your ad and reaches your site, a temporary cookie is placed on their computer or mobile device.


When they complete an action like making a purchase, the Google Ads system recognises the cookie and a conversion is recorded.


However there are some types of conversion tracking that don’t require a tag. These include tracking phone calls from your extensions or call only ads. You can use Google Forwarding numbers to track when calls come from your ads.


Also, you can track app downloads and in-app purchases from Google Play and they will be automatically recorded without having to add tracking.

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