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What makes people want to click on ads

What Makes People Want To Click On Ads?

So what makes people want to click on your Google ads? There are many reasons why people would click your ads to visit your website and potentially purchase from you or make contact.


Getting people to click can be a challenge. There are usually many other advertisers targeting the same keywords and so it takes more than just creating ads and getting them out there. It’s both an art and a science to get people to click.


I’ve included here some suggestions on what makes people want to click on your ads. This will help you to run effective campaigns and achieve high click and conversion volumes.


Searches that closely match keywords


If the searches that people use on Google closely relate to your keywords, that will trigger your ads to appear. And the closer they are, then the more likely people want to click to your website. That means you will have a high click through rate (CTR).


The most important way to ensure that your searches closely match the keywords that you are targeting, is to use keyword match types. Match types help you to control the searches that you get.


There are three main types of match types that you can choose from:


Broad match – this is the most basic match type and it drives a wide range of searches to your website. So, you will be able to target synonyms, misspellings, close keyword variants, plurals or singulars and many other types of searches. But you will also get some very broad searches that may not be relevant for you and could cause you to waste your Google Ads budget. Learn more about how match types work.


Phrase match – keyword phrase match works with quotation marks like this keyword for example “buy digital camera”. And it targets all searches that closely relate to this with words before, in-between or after the keyword. These are examples of searches that will trigger the ads:


⁃ buy digital camera online

⁃ where to buy a digital camera

⁃ buy sony digital camera


And like the other match types it will also trigger close variants, synonyms, misspellings, plurals or singulars and others.


Exact match – exact match will target exact searches only in the exact order. However, it will also trigger close variants, synonyms etc like the other match types. However, this is more restricted than the other match types above and you won’t get many variations from the keyword. Match type keywords appear in brackets like this [buy digital camera].



Highly targeted responsive search ads


Responsive search ads are the latest ad text updates in Google Ads. These ads provide a lot more text space than the old standard and expanded text ads that were phased out by Google.


What makes them most appealing is that you can add up to 15 headlines and four description lines. And the Google Ads system combines them to create ads that are relevant to the searches and the context of the searches, like device used.


So, try to use as many of your headlines as possible and also the description lines. That gives the system more options when it comes to creating your ads and that will help produce effective ads at auction time.


Many advertisers don’t use all 15 headlines and four description lines. And so they don’t give the system enough data to create the most relevant ads. But that is an advantage that you could use powerfully and ensure that you have better clicks and conversions.


Also check the Ad strength as you create your responsive search ads. This rating ranges from Incomplete to Excellent. And you should work on all Incomplete, Average and Poor ratings to increase them to Good or Excellent ratings


Responsive Search Ads Ad Strength


High positions in the ad results


A high position in the ad results when people search, means your ads are more visible. So, what is a high ad position? That can be a tricky question to answer at times. That’s because a high position doesn’t always mean that your ads will come up right at the top of Google when people search.


Sometimes, due to Ad Rank, you may have the number one or two positions in the ad results, but your ads may appear below the Organic results. That’s usually when the searches are more informational and not transactional, and so websites like Wikipedia will have higher relevance and ads are pushed to the bottom of the page.


However, for most searches, especially for all transactional searches, there will be up to four ads at the top of the page. Appearing in one of these spots will make people want to click your ads. And the higher the positions, like position one for example, then the better your click through rate is likely to be.



Keywords in the ad text


A powerful way that could make people want to click your ads is to add keywords in the ads. This makes your ads look relevant to searchers and they are more likely to click through and help you achieve a good click through rate (CTR).


Many advertisers ignore this key point and as a result they achieve lower click throughs even though they may have high ad positions.


When you add your primary keywords in the ad text, they come up in bold text when people search on Google. So, they are easily recognisable and searchers are more encouraged to click.


And the best place to put the keywords is in the headlines, and in Headline one in particular because that is the most prominent part of the ad. And you can pin the headline to position one to ensure that it always comes up.


Pin this headline


And add your keyword in the Display Path. This comes up as a display URL or website address when people search and see your ads. And if they see the URL with keywords, they will deem the page to be highly relevant and they are more likely to click through.


Responsive Search Ads Display Path


Also, to make this more effective, ensure that you keep the number of keywords in each ad group between 5 and 15. This makes your ad groups tightly-themed and ensures that you can add the primary keyword in the headline.



Differentiated ads from competitors’


To make people want to click your ads, ensure that they are unique from competitors ads. That should start with reviewing your main competitors. And you can just do a search on Google to see who these are and see what texts they are using and the benefits and features they have there.


Another way to see who they are is to check your Auction Insights report in Google Ads. And the advertisers you consistently come up against are the ones you should check to see what Ads they are running.


Auction Insights Law


Many ads that come up in the search results are usually all similar. Many advertisers don’t take the time to create unique ads with good calls to action that get people to click through. Of course this is a big advantage to you, because you can work to make them as unique as possible.





I hope you’ve found this list of tips on what makes people want to click helpful. These are the primary ways to increase traffic for your Google Ads PPC campaigns and will ensure you get high CTRs and quality scores.


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