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Adwords & Analytics Qualifications

What To Look For In A Digital Marketing Manager

If you are looking to hire or employ a digital marketing manager to manage your online campaigns, advertising and promotions, you should consider a few important items as you carry out a search.
Nowadays, working with a digital marketing manager is a lot easier, whether they are based locally or abroad – due to fast broadband connections and freelance websites that simplify the search.
So whether you want to work with a freelancer on some projects or for long term or need to employ a full or part digital marketing manager, you should consider the following:


Do they have any marketing experience working with businesses in your industry, and what is their knowledge of your industry? Marketing is a broad sector with many disciplines. An ecommerce marketer will have different experience from a services e-marketer in all areas of customer targeting, channel promotions, reporting, automation and many others. So check that they have the experience and a burning interest in your sector and target markets.

Skills & Qualifications

What online marketing skills and qualifications do they have? It’s important that they have skills in the channels and tools that are of particular interest to your business. For example, if pay per click advertising is the primary channel for your business, then a Google Adwords certification and Bing Ads certification are of great benefit because they demonstrate a high level of understanding of these platforms.
Also, they should be able to create and manage a digital marketing strategy to help you target your markets, create objectives, and manage the online promotional mix.

Adwords & Analytics Qualifications


If they are a freelancer and are on a site like People Per Hour, you can easily check their profile to see ratings and reviews from past clients. You can also check the type of work they have done and whether it fits in with your goals.

Online reviews

Where are they based?

As mentioned earlier, location is no longer an issue and you can work with a marketer that is thousands of miles away on your online campaigns. However, you should try to find someone that is available during your working hours or it could delay some work that you need to implement.


Contact me if you need to hire a digital marketing manager to manage your online strategy, pay per click campaigns, search engine optimisation and more. I have over 10 years marketing experience and I’ve worked with thousands of business.

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