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ppc freelancer hourly rate

What’s An Average Hourly Rate For A PPC Freelancer?


PPC Freelancer hourly rates can vary widely. A search on one of the many freelancer websites such as People Per Hour will confirm this.


You’ll see that there are a wide range to choose from – all from around the world. So the rate you’ll see will differ from country to country and from website to website too.


UK PPC freelancers charge £30 per hour on average. This means that if they commit to 10 hours per month to managing your PPC account, you can expect to pay at least £300 per month.


This is very affordable for most advertisers and is cheaper than hiring a PPC Agency. And is definitely a lot cheaper than hiring a full time Google AdWords Expert.


The average UK agency hourly rate is £86 per hour and is much higher than the average freelancer rate. This is because freelancers have less overhead costs and will in most cases not be hiring anyone, but maybe working with a few others to deliver the service.


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Here are some factors to consider as you research PPC freelancer hourly rates:


Check what amount of time they’ll commit to your campaigns. Ensure that this is agreed upon in any contract and proposal and find out how this will be measured.


The proposal should also state what reporting you’ll get. Will it be weekly and/or monthly and what will be reported? Find out which metrics are important for your business and these should be included in the reports. Your PPC freelancer will advise on this.


They’ll create a dashboard that reports on these metrics and ideally you should receive these reports weekly.


A monthly catchup phone call is important too. This ensures you’re still on the same page regarding your PPC strategy and that targets are being achieved as laid out initially.


Does their service include Google analytics? Analytics is an important tool for AdWords campaigns, for tracking and reporting purposes. You can use it to setup goal conversion tracking to see which ads, keywords and campaigns are driving conversions and then take action off the back of that.


Analytics also helps with Remarketing setup. With Remarketing you can continue targeting people that have visited your website with targeted banners and text ads. Check that the PPC freelancer has experience with this and will set it up and manage it for you.


Above all, check that they have the credentials to make it happen for your business. Do they have online reviews, a good portfolio history and experience in your industry? Finding out this info beforehand will save you a lot of trouble and will ensure you get value for your money.

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