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best keyword research tool

What’s The Best Keyword Research Tool?


Finding the best keyword research tool can be a challenge. There are many tools in the market and each has its pros and cons that meet different user needs.


The keyword research tool you choose will depend on a number of factors such as:


⁃ cost of the tool
⁃ Ease of use
⁃ Database size
⁃ Advanced features


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I’ve listed here three of the best keyword research tool solutions in the market:


Google Keyword Planner Tool


Keyword Planner Tool


1. It’s free to use
2. Easy to use interface


1. Shows keywords for Google only
2. Crashes frequently


The Keyword Planner Tool is Google’s proprietary tool in Google AdWords. It’s a free tool that any AdWords account holder can use to find new keywords.


Many advertisers use it both for PPC (Pay Per Click) and SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) purposes. For PPC it helps to find the keywords that will form the basis of your ad groups and campaigns in Google AdWords. And for SEO, it reveals the traffic volumes of your keywords and other potential ones for your SEO campaigns.


But this tool is more than a keyword research tool. It’s also a forecasting tool to see likely results like impressions, clicks, spend and Click Through Rate for your keywords.


It also helps you see how optimised your landing pages are. You can add your website in the tool and then it will scan the page and show a list of keywords. If many of these keywords aren’t relevant, then it shows the content is not optimised.


So you can rewrite the content and include keywords and this helps with SEO rankings and keyword quality scores.


Bear in mind this tool only shows results for Google sites like and It doesn’t reveal keyword results for Search partner sites that are part of the Google Network. Neither does it show results for competitors like Bing and Yahoo.


For these you’d need to use their tools to find out volumes on their search engines. Bing Ads for example has its own keyword research tool that works similarly to the Google tool.






1. Includes research data for Google, Amazon, YouTube and others
2. Great insights on keyword competition and effectiveness


1. Not free
2. A bit of a learning curve


Wordtracker claims to be the best alternative to the Google Keyword Planner Tool. It includes many features that helps advertisers and webmasters to gain insights into their keywords.


This is helpful for people looking to rank on the search engines and also advertise on Google and other search engines.


This tool reveals a keywords relative value and is helpful for affiliate marketers. You can see the keywords effectiveness index (KEI) and if it’s low you can update it.


It also reveals the level of competition for each keyword and how likely you are to succeed with each keyword.


SE Ranking Keyword Tool


SE Ranking Keyword Research Tool


1. A database of over 2 billion keywords
2. Easy interface


1. Not free
2. Not many advanced features


The SE Rankng Keyword tool is part of a suite of tools to help you research your market. The tool is relatively new compared to others but has proven to be effective for serious advertisers and SEO marketers.


It has a simple interface that allows you to research all the major search engines. So if you want to find keywords for Google, Yahoo and Bing campaigns in one place, this is the tool for you.




There are many other keyword tools in the market. Many have similar features and do a similar job. However, the three mentioned above have some outstanding features that make them some of the best keyword research tools in the market.


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