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Minimum AdWords Budget

What’s The Minimum Google Ads (AdWords) Budget?


Google has not set a minimum budget for advertisers to be able to promote their products or services on their search engine. So there’s no such thing as a minimum AdWords budget. And you can set any budget that’s affordable for your business.


So you can spend as little or as much as you like. Some advertisers spend hundreds each month, some thousands and a few spend millions.


For new advertisers, the average AdWords budget is £500 per month. This is usually a test budget to assess what works and what doesn’t and this is usually sufficient for most new advertisers.


But that will depend on the competition. If competition is high with many advertisers going after the same keywords and positions, then the average Cost Per Click (CPC) will be high and so the budget will have to be higher too.


For more established advertisers, higher monthly AdWords budgets are common. Many advertisers spend thousands each month and this leads to many sales and conversions for their AdWords campaigns.



Budget Setting is an important task in AdWords. So it’s important to set the right AdWords budget to get sufficient clicks and conversions to make your advertising a success.

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