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Where Do Google Shopping Ads Show

Where Do Google Shopping Ads Show?

Knowing where your Google Shopping ads show is an important part of setting up effective campaigns. This gives you insight into the amount of traffic you’ll get for your Standard Shopping, Smart Shopping and Performance Max campaign types.

Of course, where your ads show is automated and it’s not possible to choose the specific placements and websites to appear on. But, you can choose not to appear in the Search partner and Display partner networks, which you can opt out of in Campaign settings.

But automated placements saves you a lot of time as the system makes the decisions based on the likelihood of you getting sales when people click through. And these decisions are made quickly at auction time.

Here are some places where your Shopping ads will show:


Google Search results page

Google Shopping ads are one of the first things you’ll see on the search results page for product-related searches. When you search for a product or use a keyword that is relevant to certain types of products, then you’ll see a list of products.

These products will come up at the top of the page. And this will usually be above the text ads or the organic search results. So, they are separate from the text ads below.

Search & Shopping Ads

Sometimes, you’ll see product ads on the right side of the page next to the text ads. These will come up here depending on several factors like device used, search terms and so on.

Shopping Ads on the right

These positions on the search results page are automatic and you cannot choose where they appear. However, you can influence the position of your products by bidding higher for your Standard Shopping ads, especially if you’re using manual bidding.

Your Shopping ads and free listings can appear at the same time as text ads because the system wants to give your users access to the full variety of products that match their search. This means that users can find the best match before clicking through to make a purchase, which might help you close the sale.


Google Shopping tab

The Shopping tab is visible on the search page and you can click the tab to see the products listed there.

Shopping tab

One of the benefits of the Shopping tab is that shoppers can look for products that match their requirements, especially if there are no results on the main search results page. And you’ll see many more products here.

You’ll notice that there are many more features on the Shopping tab too. You’ll be able to filter the results to focus on the specific products that are relevant to your search. And shoppers will be able to see product descriptions that gives them more details before they click.


Google Images tab

Your ads may appear on the Google images tab too. They will appear at the top of the page above the list of Organic image results as the screenshot below shows.

Shopping Images tab


Google Partner websites

If your campaign is set to include search partners then your product ads will appear automatically on search partner websites. But this is not applicable for free listings. The partner sites are optional and you don’t have to include them if you don’t want to target shoppers there.

Google Partner Networks

They will also be eligible to appear on the Google Display Network if you opt into that too and they will be placed on sites like YouTube, Gmail and Google Discover.

But, it’s important to know that you won’t be able to choose which of these sites to advertise on. The system places your ads on all sites that it deems helpful to achieving your sales goals.

Also, you won’t get a breakout report on each site your products appear on. The system groups them in one report and the only option is to either target them all or none, as mentioned above.



Hopefully this has given you a good idea of where your product ads will appear. It will not always be possible to see them even when you search on Google, but the reports in Google Ads will show you where you got clicks from. And the conversion metrics will help you optimise them based on the reports.


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