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Where To Find Negative Keywords

Where To Find Negative Keywords In Google Ads


Negative keywords are keywords you add to your campaigns to block irrelevant searches. They are an important part of your campaign and shouldn’t be neglected when advertising.


Negative keywords have a number of benefits including:

⁃ reducing wasted budget
⁃ Increased sales for targeted keywords
⁃ Increased conversion rates
⁃ Reduced cost per conversion
Improved Click Through Rates
⁃ Reduced bounced rates
⁃ Increased profitability


So you can see there are many advantages to adding negative keywords. Just make sure you’ve added the right ones. And also continue to add them as you manage your campaigns.


Here are some tips on how to find negative keywords:




The first place to search for negative keywords is in your head. As an expert in your industry, you will know a lot about your customers and what they want and don’t want. And you’ll know the potential and limitations of your products or services.


So you’ll be able to come up with a few negatives just by brainstorming. For example, if you’re promoting a service, you’ll not want people searching for jobs and you’ll add words such as:



And other similar ones. These are easy to come up with and you can add them early on.


Search Terms Report


The search terms report is one of the most important reports for your Search campaigns. This is true also for Shopping campaigns. And that’s because it reveals the actual searches that your visitors conduct on Google.


This report will reveal a wide range of Search types. You’ll see searches that you didn’t think of when you did your keyword research. You’ll see some of the questions people ask when they are looking for your products or services.


And you’ll see searches that are not relevant to what you provide. And it’s these that you’ll want to add to the negative list so they don’t appear again.


Keyword Planner Tool


You use this tool primarily to research new keyword opportunities. And during that research you’ll find keywords that are not relevant for your ads and you can add them as negative keywords.


The Keyword Planner Tool is found under the Tools tab. To do keyword research, you’ll add a few keywords in the tool or add your website which will be scanned for potential keywords.


It will bring up a list of keywords that you can bid on and some that that are not relevant which you may not have thought of. Add these into the negative list.


Competitor Keyword Research


There are platforms like SE Ranking and Spyfu that you use to find out the keywords competitors are bidding on. In there you will find some potential keywords that you can add in your campaigns. Some you may have missed during keyword research.


However some will not be relevant, so make sure you add them to your negative keyword list.


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