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Conversion Tracking

Why Google Ads (AdWords) Conversion Tracking is Not Working

AdWords Conversion Tracking is one of the most important features in your account. As part of the setup of your campaigns, you should have a list of conversion actions that you want to track. These can include:


⁃ Tracking online purchases
Tracking offline purchases
⁃ Tracking downloads
⁃ Tracking newsletter signups
⁃ Tracking leads on the contact form
⁃ And many others


Failing to set it up correctly will affect the performance of your Google Ads campaigns. And you’re likely to waste a lot of money if it’s not done right.


There are a number of reasons why your conversion tracking isn’t working. And I’ve listed some of the main ones here to help you fix your tracking:


Conversion Tracking Not Setup

If you cannot see any conversion data, then it’s possible that it hasn’t been setup. If your reports show zero figures for the following metrics, then it may have not been setup:


⁃ Conversion
⁃ Cost Per Conversion
⁃ Conversion Rate


Tracking Code Not Installed


One of the main reasons why AdWords Conversion Tracking isn’t working is because the code hasn’t been installed. Setting it up in AdWords is only half the job. You also need to add the tracking code on the ‘success’ or ‘thank you’ page.


It’s advisable to add the tracking code as soon as you setup conversion tracking. That way you’re unlikely to forget.


Also, you can check the source code of the tracking page to see if it has been added successfully. Check between the head tag of the page, which is were it should be added.


In WordPress there are plugins that help you easily add tracking code. Check that they are compatible with your version of WordPress. And check the reviews to assess how good they are before downloading.


Installed In The Wrong Place


If you install the tracking code in the wrong place, you won’t have any conversion data. If the code hasn’t been added between the head tag in your source code, then it’s unlikely to be triggered when people complete a conversion action on your website.


Conversions Not Imported


If you’ve setup goals but have not imported them into AdWords, then you won’t have any conversion tracking.


When your AdWords and Analytics accounts are linked, you can import goals into AdWords and setup conversion tracking. This is a straightforward process that allows you to see how your campaigns are performing.

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