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Google Remarketing

Why Google Ads Remarketing Is Important

The aim of remarketing is to bring people back to your website, especially if they did not convert.


Over 90% of your visitors will leave and never return, so it’s important to reach out to them regarding what they were looking at on your website by retargeting them with banner and text ads.


Remarketing when implemented well, will help to boost conversions and increase your conversion rates.


Google Ads Remarketing


If you’re not running a Google Ads Remarketing campaign, then you’re missing out on a big opportunity. This will help with sales even though the customer finally comes though another channel.


Without Remarketing, the customer could have been lost to another business. So Remarketing will assist in getting them to return and purchase from you.



So, as a Google Advertiser, you should ensure you create all the relevant campaigns for your business including Remarketing. It will help you target customers and visitors and you’ll see an increase in click volume and potentially more sales.

I'm a Certified Google Ads Expert and Marketing Author and in this blog I share my latest tips and secrets on how to promote your business successfully on the web and increase customer loyalty, retention and advocacy on Google Ads.

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