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Why Should I Use Google Shopping Ads

Why Should I Use Google Shopping Ads?

If you’re still considering whether Google Shopping ads are right for your business or not, consider some of these pros and cons:


1. Shopping ads consistently outperform other campaign types and other advertising platforms for conversion rates. You will get more conversions for the same spend compared to other campaigns.

2. You will spend much less time managing Shopping ads compared to Search, which uses keyword-based targeting. And also Display which has many targeting options that require a lot of testing.

3. The average cost per click (CPC) is almost always lower than other campaign types and other advertising platforms. It’s possible to pay as low as 3p per click for some traffic. And that is unheard of in Search campaigns.


1. They take longer to setup. Shopping ads can take between 7-10 days to setup. Whereas Search campaigns can be setup in under 24 hours.

2. It’s sometimes difficult to control where your ads appear and for which searches too, compared to Search campaigns.


But the pros of running Shopping ads easily outweigh the cons. You’re likely to see a much higher conversion rate than others. But you’ll often see even better
results when you run them with other campaign types.

A wide range of businesses use Google Shopping ads alongside other campaigns like Search to promote their promotes both online and in-store. It’s one of the most effective strategies for drawing shoppers to your website and increasing sales.

This is an effective strategy and one you should consider when you’re starting in Google Ads. But, starting with a Shopping campaign first is usually the best strategy because it helps to maximise your budget.

Doing so allows you to target people who are usually ready to purchase and then later you can add Search campaigns to bid on keywords that relate to your keywords. And this will complement your Shopping listings.


Here are some other benefits of Shopping ads:

Better engagement – your potential customers can browse, interact and engage with your Shopping ads and that gives them a better sense of your products before they open your ad. And that also means you are not charged until they click your ads.


Target shoppers that are more likely to convert – this is one of the main benefits of Shopping ads because it helps you to increase lead quality by featuring product information directly in your ads. So, your shoppers are more likely to complete a purchase on your site if they’re better informed before opening your ads.


Easy campaign management – with Shopping ads you will not add any keywords, but will supply product attributes instead to show ads on relevant searches. So, you’ll spend less time managing it as the system will automatically place your product ads for searches that are highly targeted.


Broader presence – it’s possible that you will see more than one of your product ads appearing for a given search query. And this increases your presence on the search results page. Also, your Smart Shopping and Performance Max ads will appear across all of Google’s channels like YouTube, Search, Discover and others.


Powerful reporting data – you’ll get many reports in your Shopping campaign including search terms reports which show you the actual searches that your product ads are getting, and how many conversions you are getting for each of them


Google Shopping ads are a powerful way to promote your products to people who are searching online. You’ll see an impressive return for your advertising spend and you’re likely to beat the average Google Ads return on ad spend of 200%.


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